We are partnering with the Esports Minor League!

In order to push amateur and semi-pro esports forward, we are glad to announce our newest partnership with the Esports Minor League!

The Esports Minor League (ESM League) is a newly established North American league by Platinum 5 studios. By hosting qualifiers, seasonal leagues, and LAN events, the ESM League aims to provide up and coming players with the opportunity to display and refine their skill in front of an international audience.

The ESM League will kick off with a Halo 5: Guardians Minor League, while planning to expand into other titles, such as Gears of War, SMITE, Call of Duty, Rocket League and Overwatch.

Going forward, you will get to see eight of the most promising upcoming Halo 5 teams compete in the ESM League every week on Monday and Friday, starting at 7:30pm EST, exclusively on hitbox.tv/platinum5tv!

Three different qualifiers will be used to determine the eight competing teams at the ESM Halo 5 League. Four teams will qualify through the UGC Halo 5 Open, two teams will qualify through the first online qualifier and the final two teams will be found by a second online qualifier. The main league will then kick off on the 28th of November and last for seven weeks.

The first official stream will cover the first online qualifier on Monday November 7th, stay tuned to @ESMLeague and @hitboxlive for all future announcements surrounding the Esports Minor League!