The Culling Streaming Weekend

Weapons will be crafted. F.U.N.C. will be spent. Players will be killed!
Get ready for the Hitbox Culling Streaming Weekend!

The Culling was released early 2016 and is a first person “battle-royale” style video game. 16 contestants spawn in a remote island and have 20 minutes to explore the arena, find items, loot crates, craft weapons, set traps and ultimately kill each other until only one is left alive!

Who will be the Hitbox Culling Champion?

Starting this Saturday, our Hitbox streamers Goldenfang Gaming, LucyFuur, ifoundmolliee, DeliciousCinnamon, Stephenson and our staff members Dubz, KrieppeN, Mr.Kelso, GurgeL and Light will go all in and duke it out to determine the “Hibox Culling Champion” in private The Culling matches. On Sunday, we will be teaming up and playing against each other in the team play function of the game.

Swing by and cheer for your favorite champion live in the following channels: