The 2017 Hitbox Community Checkpoint!

Get ready for the February 2017 Hitbox Community Checkpoint!

A fresh edition of the Hitbox Community Checkpoint, the monthly streaming weekend packed with tons of video games and your #Hitboxfamily is upon us!

This weekend (Friday to Sunday) February 10-12th, it’s all about Romance & Co-op games, like  Hateful Boyfriend, Steam versions of Hunie Pop or Nekopara, Yandere Sim, Final Fantasy, the Sims or any game with strong co-op gameplay (doesn’t have to have a romance theme, but working together co-op).

Get exclusive benefits for your channel!

Want to join the fun and stream some Romance and/or Co-op games yourself? Head on over and join our Discord channel, get your stream & games ready to gain special benefits like:

  • Exclusive graphic assets for your stream, designed for each monthly theme
  • Hitbox front page rotation
  • Hitbox Social Media promotion

We are looking forward to more awesome Hitbox Community Checkpoints!
Check out the themes:

  • February:  Romance & Co-op games
  • March: Party & Couch games

Ready to hang out with the #Hitboxfamily, increase the following of your channel and have a great time? Join us this weekend, from Friday to Sunday at the second Hitbox Community Checkpoint in 2017!