The 2017 Hitbox Community Checkpoint!

Get ready for the March 2017 Hitbox Community Checkpoint!

A fresh edition of the Hitbox Community Checkpoint, the monthly streaming weekend packed with tons of video games and your #Hitboxfamily is upon us!

This weekend (Friday to Sunday) March 10-12th, it’s all about Party games, like Mario Party, Mario Kart, Jackbox games, Overcooked, Gang Beasts, Tabletop Simulator, Battleblock Theatre, Castle Crashers, Move or Die, Worms, Tumblestone, Ultimate Chicken Horse or any game that you’d sit around and play with your friends!

Get exclusive benefits for your channel!

Want to join the fun and stream some Party games yourself? Head on over and join our Discord channel, get your stream & games ready to gain special benefits like:

  • Exclusive graphic assets for your stream, designed for each monthly theme
  • Hitbox front page rotation
  • Hitbox Social Media promotion

We are looking forward to more awesome Hitbox Community Checkpoints!

Check out the themes:

  • March: Party & Couch games
  • April: Farming-type games, Nature games

Ready to hang out with the #Hitboxfamily, increase the following of your channel and have a great time? Join us this weekend, from Friday to Sunday at the third Hitbox Community Checkpoint in 2017!