Tech Update: Upgraded Login Security and Increased Storage Capacity

Improve your Hitbox account security with our latest Two-Factor Authentication option and prepare for enhanced global streaming power due to doubled storage capacity.

You might have spotted it already, we have added a ‘Two Factor Authentication’ option to your account settings. While it is not mandatory, we highly recommend enabling it to keep your account safe.

Two Factor Authentication or ‘2FA’ adds an extra step to your regular log-in procedure, making it more secure. Once you have enabled the option, simply download an authenticator app like ‘Google Authenticator’ for iOS and Android, set up a new profile and scan a QR code or enter a manual authentication code.

The next time you log in to Hitbox you’ll have to enter your Two Factor Authentication code which will be refreshed every minute on your authenticator app – supersafe!

Check out the full step-by step guide to set up that extra level of security for your account through Two Factor Authentication over at our Hitbox Help Center.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger 3.0

We are doubling our storage capacity once again! We did so for our European and American points of presence (PoPs) early last year, then again for Europe last September and now on a global scale, to provide you with more storage for VoDs, more overall stability and of course more streaming power!

But wait, there’s more! On top of that, we are also opening a new data center in Moscow in the next few weeks to increase our ingest and transcoding capacities in the Russian area. The data center in Moscow will be the sixth of its kind, next to our existing centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, San Francisco and Washington DC.