Tech Update: Hitbox Chat Experience Evolved!

Just before the holidays, we have rolled out a small tech update including multiple upgrades in our chat!

You might have spotted it already, we released an update to improve your chat experience on Hitbox including better emote display, self-expanding lists, character limit pop-up and more.

Automated emote display and self-expanding command & chat user list.

Sick of not seeing the emotes you are about to post in chat after you clicked emotethem? With our latest update, you will get to see the actual emote in your chat input box instead of just the shortcut! ujelly? 😄

On top of that, the command list in chat will automatically expand once you type / in chat – showing you all the available commands for you – depending on your user status (mod, user, etc.).

Similarly, typing @ will automatically expand a list of all chat users, including each user’s icon – just like you are used to from the user list. @ + any letter will narrow down the list to users which use this letter in their name. Any other added letter will then of course help you even more in finding the user you want to mention or whisper to – chatting has never been so easy!

Invalid link warning and character limit popup message.

Posting links as a regular user on Hitbox may not be permitted by your broadcaster.
Posting a GIF link as a regular user for example, would only be displayed as text in chat and might get you timed out or banned if a popupchatbot is configured to do so when links have
been posted. In case you were not aware of that, our new invalid link warning will remind you every time you add a link to the chat input box.

Last but not least, we have installed a little pop-up to appear whenever you reach the 300 character limit in one chat message! 😉

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