Tech Update: GIFs and eSports live Match Ticker
GIFs HYPE with Riffsy!

Have an important message to share with others to let them know exactly what you think? Why not let Spiderman, Obama, a kitty or DJ Khaled do the job?

Every streamer, moderator and FTWsubscriber (when allowed by the streamer) can choose from millions of GIFs and post them live in chat with our new Riffsy integration!

Riffsy is the top downloaded GIF sharing app everywhere and is also integrated into Facebook Messenger and Kik. Its new integration on Hitbox allows you to search and browse for the perfect GIF in over 28 languages, making it even easier to share your in-the-moment thoughts and messages in a thoughtful and fun new way.

Live eSports stats with Abios!

Who is playing who? What’s the overall score and how many more matches will be played again? It’s difficult to keep track with everything going during eSports matches, right?

Abios Gaming, one of the leading online eSports calendars and data hubs, which keeps you updated about every major esport match at all times, is now directly integrated on Hitbox and enables you to find everything you want to know about the match currently being played just above the chat!