OddNina: “I owe Everything to the Community”

Next up in our series of interviews with streamers on Hitbox: OddNina, who streams in German but has a heart for her English speaking followers as well, and an undeniable love for cats and tea.

We sat down for a chat with hitbox.tv/OddNina, to talk about herself, her channel and her streaming career so far as well as her plans for the future. If you ever wondered how to get an exclusive partnership with Hitbox, check out what Nina has to say about what it takes to be a successful streamer.

Hi Nina, first of all thank you for taking the time for this interview. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your stream.

OddNina: I’m Nina, a 26 year old student and I work as web developer and streamer next to my studies. I live in Hamburg with my family and have been streaming for a little over a year now. Back then I started at the other site and I usually play story-heavy games as well as some indie games. I don’t really like MMORPGs, that’s not my cup of tea.

How did you get to Hitbox?

OddNina: I think a year ago I got a recommendation from a friend. We all started streaming together on Twitch to see how it’s working out and then she said: “Hey I found something else, you should definitely check it out.” The main reason why I ultimately switched to Hitbox was the delay, that was for me a technical issue that I think is really important because I already noticed before that I like the proximity to the community best. It’s definitely way easier to keep this connection up with only a few seconds delay, which is absolutely perfect.

On top of that I also really like the dark design, oh and green, I like green[laughs] So it was the design combined with the technical advantage which made me switch to Hitbox. The transition to Hitbox itself went smoothly as well.

What can the viewers look forward to when tuning into your stream? Which games do you usually play?

OddNina: It always depends on what I feel like playing. Sometimes I check out games that are out of my usual game radar. I think my last adventure was Euro Truck Simulator where I found out that apparently I’m a really bad truck driver. [laughs] 

Normally we play a lot of RPG games, recently Fallout 4 of course, and I love The Witcher, Gerald is my biggest video game character crush ever. We also play a lot of horror games – which I hate – but my community loves to see me play through those. I love that they make me play through them, as I actually like horror games, I would just never sit down alone and play them by myself. We created something called OddLateNight and that’s where we usually play the horror stuff. I also like shooters and play everything from Battlefield to Counter-Strike. Oh and we play a lot of Nintendo titles as well. Every Sunday we play Mario Kart, Splatoon, Wooly World and all that cute stuff. As soon as we all hang out on Discord and the community plays together with me, there are no more rules, no friendship, and a whole lot of swearing goes on, especially with Mario Kart. [laughs]

The best video game ever is?

OddNina: I have to be strict on this one and say that there is no such thing as the one favorite game for me. There is no game that is so awesome that I would keep on playing it forever, despite maybe Legend of Zelda but that’s something different [laughs]. There are a lot of aspects that are important for me in a video game, like the graphics and story of course. I have to say though, that a great story definitely makes up for any graphical shortcomings.

Interesting characters and a mellow and lovely game world are really important to me as well. We played Child of Light once, and even though the mechanics were nothing new, it was a round based, fantasy fighting system game, it was so incredibly beautiful and the story was so cute and that surprised me completely, I really didn’t expect it to be as amazing as it was. I like games if they are “sexy”, that’s when I really lose myself in the game. Sometimes I also play Harvest Moon for days, so it really depends what I feel like playing. [laughs]

Please tell us about your history as a streamer, and how you got the exclusive partnership with Hitbox.

OddNina: So I started on the other site and back then I had already built a little community. Then I switched to Hitbox and continued to do a lot of community building stuff. I slowly made a name for myself in the Hitbox community, and also watched other streamers how they built their community and had really nice conversations with them. For a little while we also had a team called Team Pizza, which was quite successful as well. We even got offered a team partnership, but since the partnership would have been signed by one member of the team for everybody, we decided not to take it and decided to pursue individual streaming instead.

“If tea can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem!” – OddNina

Then all of a sudden there was the open partnership, where everybody in my community would be able to subscribe to my channel. I did not have to think twice about the decision because my community already asked: “When will you finally have a partnership? We want to support you and subscribe to your channel!” With the subscriptions you not only support Hitbox but most of all, you support the streamer, and this little smiley, the little icon that pops up for subscribers gives the community the feeling that they are closer to the streamer and that was something really awesome for me and my community.

When I went to Gamescom last year, I already planned to talk with somebody from Hitbox about the future. So when I was standing around in the Joe Champs Restaurant, Martin [Hitbox CEO] suddenly stood next to me and I didn’t even know who he was at first. [laughs] He then introduced himself to me and said: “I’m Martin, you’re Nina and the open partnership is going really well with your channel!” That was really funny and then we talked about the future and he told me that an exclusive partnership is definitely foreseeable in the near future because there were so many subscribers from the community to my channel in such a short time. My community was just very happy and they all supported me and subscribed to my channel.

“Catlady by day, Gamergirl by night and always a Shieldmaiden!” – OddNina

After the event, I talked to my Community Manager who told me: “I will definitely support the exclusive partnership for you!” One month later, Dansen contacted me and told me: “Nina, it’s about time for you to be an exclusive partner of Hitbox.” Because I had a lot of community back-up even before the open partnership program, everything went really fast because Hitbox noticed the growth of my channel. I owe everything to the community, that sounds like coming from some random YouTuber but that’s exactly what it is! [laughs]

The subscription button is of course one of the things that labels a good streamer and shows that the streamer really knows what he is doing and shows that Hitbox took notice of the stream and supports the stream. It’s like a quality feature. When everybody could have that, a lot of streamers obviously went for it, but I never thought that it would be such big of a success as it was for me and my channel.

What are OddNina’s 3 MUST-DO’s to get an exclusive partnership?

OddNina: Most importantly you need a strong, participating community that sticks with you no matter what. Whether you sit in front of the PC for 24 hours or if you prepare some Japanese powder stuff as food, as long as they are with you, it is one of the most important pillars you can rely on, regardless the games you play. When they are there, it does not matter if you cry playing SOMA, swear playing Mario Kart or melt with The Witcher, as long as they are there, everything is fine.

The second tip is definitely to have contact to other Hitbox streamers and viewers. I love being close to the community and being close to other streamers is important to me as well. You should try to expand your network as best as possible and try to look for people you like, with whom you might want to do a cooperation, which might help you to push yourself and your stream further.

The third point is patience, discipline and self-reflection, which is an important team of three that helps you. You have to have patience, because building a channel and community takes time. You have to be disciplined because you cannot just stop streaming when you are impatient, that’s not how it works. And you should have self-reflection because to be able to see yourself as a streamer, you have to realize your mistakes and ask for feedback in order to push your stream into the right direction. If you take those three points seriously, you will have a solid foundation for your stream and therefore to be noticed.

Last but not least, who are your favorite Hitbox streamers? This is the place for a shameless promotion :)!

OddNina: My favorite streamer is hatzel666, that’s a recommendation coming from my heart because this guy produces really nice, smooth streams. He is putting a lot of effort and love in his stream which I really enjoy. Then I also really like the guys from Nerdstar News , they are so much fun. I got to know Maci at Gamescom, that’s when I heard of them for the first time. Now I really enjoy watching their streams because they put in a lot of effort as well. And lastly of course my friends from BroGamerView. I went to the same university like Nad and they are three very funny, involved, great people. I really enjoy being with them and do stuff with them.

Thanks, Nina!

You can find Nina’s stream at hitbox.tv/OddNina. You feel like you have a fun and interesting story to tell about your stream and want to be featured on our blog? Contact our editorial team or hit us up through Twitter or Facebook.