#hitboxlive – Time to Switch

It’s sad to see someone lose touch with the very people that made them big. Forcing a 30+ second delay on streamers and ruining their VoD’s with automated copyright claims is a slap in the face of everyone who tries to share their passion for gaming with the world.

Luckily we all have a voice and can make ourselves heard. We did it by creating a platform that is deeply rooted within the community, and you can do it too by joining with us.
At hitbox you’re always with friends, and the soundtrack is whatever you want it to be.

hitbox is

Our streams run on technology that allows for a delay as low as two seconds. So, if you are looking for true live interaction with your viewers, you’re in the right place! No matter how many streamers are on and no matter how many people are watching, this will not change.

Our technology isn’t the only thing fast here, either. We have a dedicated support team, ready to answer your questions and help when it’s needed.

We built our chat from the ground up on the newest technology available. Not only is it the most stable in the industry, it is more responsive and allows for a greater level of interaction. It has features like sticky messages, possibility to post videos and gifs, a full fletched polling system and a very handy raffle system built right into it.

Our main focus is, and will always be, YOU, our community. Every existing or new feature is built with your needs and wishes in mind. This is also why features like VoDs are public. No need to pay for full access and no automated copyright protection muting your memories. We have integrated YouTube functionality and allow downloading recordings as video files.

One click and you’re ready to go.

We have been working on this platform for over a year now. Our infrastructure spans the globe and all the main functions are up and running smoothly.

We are strong and here to stay.

So what are you waiting for? Time to Switch!