Hitbox Redesigned!

We’re making it easier for you to find the content you want with a better, more efficient viewing experience.

User experience is our top priority along with increasing the types of content available globally on Hitbox. We’re making it easier for you to find your new favorite stream, or eSports tournament, and have implemented various fundamental changes.

It’s your choice!

The first and most obvious change is the increase in front page rotation streams. Now you can click through an overview of five different featured streamers!

Want to know what’s going on at Hitbox? The list of our trending #hashtags has taken over a more prominent position on our front page. From now on, you can find them directly below the different featured streamers.

Your interests, your filters!

landingpage-hitboxAnd below the list of #hashtags, you will find a variety of filters to help you to find the right channel.

  1. If you are logged in on Hitbox, For You’ lists streams which you have subscribed to, you follow, you have watched in the past or which are simply recommended for you based on other streams you have watched in the past. You will now be able to click through different sets of channels, five at a time!
  2. Secondly, you will find the ‘Language Filter’, showing popular live streams in your language.
  3. Next up is the ‘Games Played Now’ filter, which captures the currently most popular games and lets you choose your game of preference.
  4. The fourth filter, ‘Top Channels’, shows, as the name implies, the most popular individual channels in terms of viewers.
  5.  As a result of increased eSports content on our platform, we have implemented an ‘eSports’ filter, to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of competitive gaming. In this section, you can find the schedule, teams, scores and localized times of all eSports content on Hitbox, thanks to our collaboration with Abios!
selection-page-hitboxChannels – Games – eSports

You don’t like to scroll down to find the specific filters we just described? We got you covered!

In the top left corner of the page, right between the Hitbox logo and the search option, we have added ‘Channels’ ‘Games’ ‘eSports’ and ‘For You’ filter options, to make navigating through the platform easier than ever!


When it comes to your individual channels, we changed some aspects as well. To focus on the core of your channel – the viewing experience – we reduced the channel-pages to a minimum, to make you stand out even more!

On top of that, you might have already noticed that we slightly changed the follow and subscriber icons, the team site as well as the design of the stream, channel, and game title.

What will the future hold?

If you think that our latest design offensive has used up all our resources, do not worry! We’ve got plenty more innovations coming in the near future!