Hitbox partners with beGenius

We are expanding our eSports presence once again to include a new partnership with the French organization beGenius ESC!

Represented with a team and players in both CS:GO and Hearthstone, beGenius ESC are a rising French eSport organization which managed to make a splash in the eSports realm recently with some great results.

The beGenius CS:GO team around in-game leader Jérôme Bassat put up a great second place finish recently at DreamHack Valencia, while the organization’s Hearthstone player Dizdemon managed to qualify for the Hearthstone World Championship Summer EU Regional finals!

Dedicated to grow eSports.

As part of Team Razer, an elite group of gamers spread across the world, beGenius is dedicated to driving the eSports industry forward through professionalism and integrity.

On top of fielding starting rosters for CS:GO and Hearthstone, beGenius ESC is dedicated to grow the eSports industry as a whole by organizing events like the ‘beGenius Hearthstone High Roller’ tournament where participants can even earn their own Hearthstone Championship Tour points.

Going forward, you will be able to watch all beGenius organized tournaments, and watch their players refine their skills live on the official beGenius channel: hitbox.tv/beGeniusTV!

For their streaming schedule, information about events and the beGenius eSports athletes, head on over to the beGenius website, Twitter and Facebook and make sure to follow @hitboxlive on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.