Hitbox Moving Forward Q&A

Remember last month when we announced that Hitbox had been acquired by Azubu? Ever since the announcement, we have been gathering your feedback and questions about Hitbox and how to improve the platform moving forward. Today we are happy to answer your questions – please find them below:

What will happen to Hitbox?
    • Not much really. The name of our platform will change, and we will re-brand the Hitbox website.
    • Azubu’s streamers will join us on our platform.
    • Watch for blog posts and social media announcements for new features that we’ll be bringing to the new platform in the coming months.
    • The re-branded website will be developed and managed by Hitbox and Azubu staff, and powered by the existing Hitbox live streaming platform.
Will the re-branded (new) platform keep the same transparent/communicative/approachable values?
    • Yes! That will not change. We value our community as much as you do. It is important to us that we remain approachable to our users and that you can always feel comfortable to reach out to us with any of your questions or concerns. We will also remain as transparent as possible when addressing those.
What happens to our usernames and accounts?
    • Your entire account – followers, subscriptions, everything – will transfer to the new website. We will make it so.
Can I still stream__?
    • Yes! Our rules will stay the same when it comes to what can (and cannot) be streamed on our platform.
How will this merger/acquisition benefit Hitbox users in the long-run?
    • This collaboration with Azubu allows us to invest more into community events and tournaments.
    • We will also be able to increase our sales and marketing efforts which will bring more content to the platform and more viewership to our broadcasters.
    • As we grow we’ll add more new technologies and ways to reward our users through monetization and gamification.
Will the emotes be changing?
    • ujelly is love, ujelly is life.
    • We won’t be changing our global emotes, they mean too much to us and you! We’ll keep adding to them and make sure our emote game is stronger than the competition!


Finally we want to thank you for your valuable feedback which makes it possible for us to improve and build on our existing platform and make it even better!