Hitbox is a ‘Born Global Champion’

Another one! We have received the ‘Born Global Champion’ award by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce WKO.

Fresh off of winning Austria’s Start-Up of the year award, Hitbox was awarded the ‘Born Global Champion’ prize this week by Austrian Secretary of State Harald Mahrer and WKO president Christoph Leitl.

As an internationally successful Austrian company, Hitbox is a Born Global Champion’. Only young companies (founded 2010 or later) which have started their business on a global scale from day one and offer innovative products and services while showing rapid international growth were considered for the award.

The world belongs to the doers and the courageous. Our ‘Born Global Champions’ prove that everyday. They think big, understand the world itself as a market and are highly successful at what they are doing. Their performance manifest ‘location international’ and their effort will bring Austria forward.’

-Austrian Secretary of State Harald Mahrer