E-FUSION Week – E3 Recaps & Interviews

Re-live E3 and discover new video games and features you might have overlooked during NationFusion’s E-FUSION Week, kicking off today, June 27th 2016.

It’s been almost two weeks since E3 went down in Los Angeles, and we are still in awe of the amazing new games presented by game developers from all over the globe.

The folks over at NationFusion started their own ‘E-FUSION Week’ show, to recap what has happened at E3 and to give you the opportunity to ask all the unanswered questions after E3!

Last year, the show drew more than 60,000 unique visitors which spent a total of 12,443 hours over the course of 5 days on the NationFusion channel. Just like last year, the 2016 ‘E-FUSION Week’ show will be stacked with different game developers, companies, voice actors and other personalities and will live stream from June 27th to July 1st 2016.

From Monday to Thursday, the show will take from 10am to 4pm EST, and on Friday, it will be a  full 10 hour show, lasting until 8pm EST!

Confirmed guests for 2016

Game Developers:


Voice Actors:


Sounds like your type of show? Then make sure to tune in to the NationFusion channel today, starting at 10 am EST for five days packed with post E3 gaming content, recaps and interviews!