BountyHunter Series: Cloud9 vs. TeamLiquid

In our kickoff to the BountyHunter Series, SpeedGaming (now part of Cloud9), were able to crown themselves king of the hill with a decisive victory over Fnatic in a straight 3-0 match.

As mentioned in our previous blogpost, this first round was not only a success for Cloud9, but also for the BountyHunter Series as a whole, with tens of thousands of viewers following the action live on six channels, covering six languages.

We also got a lot of feedback from the community on who should face off against Cloud9 in Round 2 and we are happy to announce that we found a worthy opponent in TeamLiquid.

“The last few times we´ve played against our brother HyperX team, Cloud9, it´s been some incredibly tense games. One of the most fearsome opponents in the scene, but that won´t stop us from claiming the throne in the BountyHunter Series.
Robin Nymann – Team Manager TeamLiquid

“We’re excited to defend our bounty against Team Liquid this week. They’re always a strong team and we’ll be sure to provide exciting matches. We look forward to the Bo5 and drinking Bulba’s tears.”
Charlie Yang – Team Manager Cloud9

You can look forward to another Best-Of-5 set between two of the most prominent Dota 2 teams in the eSports scene right now and covered by some of the best casters in the business.

Speaking of which, here´s a rundown of all the channels and their respective casters hosting this special event. Go ahead and follow the BountyHunter channels right away, so you´ll be notified the minute they go online, this Friday the 28th of February at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST, and you won´t miss anything!

BountyHunter Series [EN]
The main, English channel. This time around brought to you by none other than LD and Merlini.

BountyHunter Series [ES]
Next up we have the Spanish channel. The fan-favourite AntenaDota team will take care of that stream.

BountyHunter Series [DE]
For our German speaking community, Blacklight and Xen from GermanCopters will have you covered.

BountyHunter Series [RU]
Our friends from Russia will get to experience all the hype with mob5ter on the casting decks.

BountyHunter Series [CN]
XiiTuzi and sdn from RoshanTV will cover the Chinese stream with a lot of charme.

BountyHunter Series [SEA]
Last but not least we will have Tsunami Nori from The MMS Studio covering the South East Asian territory with a Vietnamese cast.