Announcing: The Super Smash Hitbox Olympus!

This is it. Today we are proudly announcing our first, very own Smash event with a guaranteed $4,500 prize pool: Hitbox Olympus!

The ‘Hitbox Olympus’ will go down from October 28th to 30th at the ‘Tropicana Casino and Resort’ in Atlantic City and will feature SSB Melee, Smash 4 and Project M major Singles and Doubles tournaments. Entry to each tournament will be $10,- and on top of that, we will spice up the competition with $1000 for each of the three Singles tournaments and $500 for every Doubles tournament, making it an additional 4,500 US Dollars up for grabs!

Sounds interesting? Head on over to Matcherino as registration officially kicks off today!

Free access to the Gameacon game convention and LCS viewing party included!

On top of the Smash action, you will also get to visit the Gameacon game convention, including Cosplay panels and contests, a Halloween party, as well as a League of Legends Championship Series viewing party, hosted at a private theater in the Tropicana Resort itself.

Check out all the information about the game convention over at!

Make sure to follow Hitbox on and as there will be a whole lot more announcements concerning the Hitbox Olympus coming soon and don’t forget to sign up at Matcherino.