4K 60fps!

Hitbox is setting new live streaming standards (again)!

At Hitbox, you see it, play it, live it. We aim to always bring you the next generation live streaming platform, and take premium streaming video and chat to new levels. As part of this commitment to offer you the latest and greatest features and technology, we are excited to announce we are rolling out 4K resolution streams at up to 60 fps – for the first time ever!

While many of us are still in the process of acquiring 4K hardware (we love the NVIDIA GTX TITAN X) we know many of you have already invested in this new standard and we want you to be able to enjoy it on Hitbox right now.

Watch the demo right here, right now!

Just hit play and select “Source 4K 2160p” for 60fps ultra HD or “4k 2160p” for 30fps from the controlbar at the bottom. Enjoy!

Be aware that you need a proper internet connection and a browser that supports the technology (Chrome) to enjoy this ultra high quality. A 4k 60fps stream takes around 15 to 20mbit.

Why 4K 60fps?

At 4 times the resolution of good old HD with 1080p it makes games just look gorgeous and lets you see much more of the action in highest detail. 4K is expected to become the broadcasting standard on TV and the Internet within the next 12-24 months, but we’re making it available on Hitbox now.

When watching a fast paced game you want those 60fps for a really smooth picture – blurring the lines of watching a game and playing it yourself. Over a year ago Hitbox was the first live streaming platform that let you stream with 60fps in HD 1080p, now we take it to the next level.

When will it be available?

There will be the first ever eSports show match in 4k 60fps on Hitbox this July.
Stay tuned for the exact date.
Followed by early access for select partners to stream in 4k.

Want to be among the first 4k live streamers out there?
Let us know.

We can’t wait!  pft