CEGC live! on hitbox


The 1st Central European Games Conference brings together game developers from the Central and Eastern European area

Running from the 22nd until the 25th of January, the 1st Central European Games Conference (CEGC) taking place at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna will bring together people from all branches of the computer games industry.

The CEGC marks the beginning of Games Austria’s initiative to raise the visibility of game development in the Central European region with an expected number of about 300 attendees and a slew of exhibitors.

If you can’t make it to the event itself, we got you covered.

The event kicks off at 9:30am CET on Thursday, January 22nd with the Welcome Ceremony, immediately followed by a Keynote Speach with Michał Drozdowski and Przemysław Marszał from 11 bit studios, the developers behind “This War of Mine.”

At 12pm CET the first major panel will be streamed, covering Kickstarter as a means of getting gaming projects financed with participants from Cliffhanger Productions, Dreadlocks, stillalive studios and more.

On Friday, January 23rd, at 4pm CET the stream will continue with the second major panel, all about “How to Suceed in Central Europe” with Necrosoft Games, Sproing, Kunabi Brother, Amanita Design and more.

If you do make it to the event, make sure to drop by the hitbox booth to chat it up with everybody’s favourite hitbox newslady “Oxy” and snatch up some special green goodies while you’re at it.

“When we created the concept for the CEGC, we had a vision of a Central European games industry that receives the attention it deserves. Since then, the initiative has expanded into a group of more than 30 well-connected volunteers distributed all over Central and Eastern Europe. CEGC’s main objective is to increase the perception of the Central European games industry and open up new opportunities in Eastern Europe. For this purpose, CEGC has managed to secure European-wide support, e.g. by the Creative Europe Desks, the European Game Developers Federation (EGDF), the Austrian Association for Entertainment Software (ÖVUS) and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG)”.
Mariebeth Aquino, Games Austria


Thursday, January 22nd, 9:30am CET / 3:30am EST until 1pm CET / 7am EST
Friday, January 23rd, 4pm CET / 10am EST until 5:30pm CET / 11:30am EST

Super Mod Hosting

Get your tights and capes out, because Super Mods are here and, being the busy bees we are, host mode just came to hitbox as well.

To quote one of our partners (*cough* keemstar *cough*):
Leeeeeeet’s get riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight into the news!

If you are a broadcaster on hitbox, head on over to your Livestream Settings page to make use of the new and advanced features to organizer your moderators.

First and foremost, you can now grant and remove mod rights from hitbox users on your channel without the need for them to be live in your channel.

The slightly more awesome feature though is the option to grant full editor rights to as many of your mods as you wish. Through this, they then can access the broadcasters dashboard to manage polls, giveaways, sticky messages, ad breaks and more. Additionally they will be able to access your recordings section to publish your highlights and full length stream recordings.

This will ensure that as a broadcaster you can concentrate on what is most important: Creating and delivering your live content, while your most trusted mods can take care of everything else.

Continuing on, we want to introduce you to our brand new host mode.
We know that a lot of the broadcasters on hitbox love to network, cooperate with other streamers and send friendly raids to each others channels. Host mode gives you the power to directly include someone elses stream on your channel. Mind you that this works similar to an embed, meaning that this is meant to give you the ability to promote other broadcasters and send your viewers their way. Your benefit will be the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping the community grow and hopefully getting hosted in return.

The last thing we want to talk about today is a minor change in the way the login system on hitbox works. It’s now possible to log into multiple instances of your account. This has been requested a lot, so we are happy to oblige.

The hitbox Community Team: Armisael

ArmisaelCarlo “armisael” Pezzuto‘s love for gaming started at the tender age of 7, when he got his first console, the SNES. He discovered the multiplayer world when he was around 15, at which point he joined a clan for SWAT 4 and got really into the competitive scene.

Carlo then moved on to Battlefield, CoD and QuakeWars, where he played with some italian and foreign teams like RIOTGAMERS, one of Italy’s best Battlefield teams.

Soon just playing wasn’t enough anymore and he stepped behind the scenes of eSports. First as an ESL Admin and later as a Community Manager for the Swedish organization Live2Win. With the rise of the MOBA genre he joined lolitalia, where he helped create and manage their streaming efforts while also organizing tournaments. Finally he created his very own project called GoaCast and shortly after that joined the hitbox team in the role of a Community Manager for Europe, with a focus on the Italian scene.

With me joining the hitbox family, I hope to grow the community on our platform both for Europe and of course Italy. I want to give streamers and organizations a place where they are appreciated for creating entertaining content and assist them reaching their goals. As I love to say: Green is a way of live”

Twitter: http://twitter.com/htbxarmisael
hitbox: http://www.hitbox.tv/Grievous

Team Gravity brings Fight Night to hitbox

Team Gravity Fight Night

We’re excited to share that Team Gravity will be bringing their StarCraft 2 showmatch series, Fight Night, exclusively to hitbox. Every Sunday at 3PM PST / 6PM EST / 12AM CET you’ll have the opportunity to catch some of the best StarCraft 2 players in the world duke it out for pride and cash.

The event is split up into preliminary matches and a main event. The winner of each preliminary event pockets $10 for their efforts and the winner of the main event will walk away $60.00 richer.

Featuring new players and casters every week, Fight Night should be fresh and unique with each and every broadcast.

Be sure to catch all the action on the Team Gravity channel here on hitbox.

The hitbox Community Team: Evoli

Cody "Evoli" Conners

This week we continue our blogpost series on our Community Team with none other than Cody “Evoli” Conners, who has spent the last half decade working full-time in eSports, working with a number of different companies in a number of different roles. His career began when he stepped in as Director of Operations for a StarCraft 2 team called sixjax Gaming. He, with friend and team captain Artosis, lead the squad to several notable finishes in team leagues and LANs.

As esports continued to grow, attention from traditional gaming outlets began to pay more attention. When IGN launched its eSports division in 2011, Cody took a position as eSports Front Page editor, bringing eSports content to both the hardcore fan and the existing IGN audience. He spent a little more than a year there before he went back to team management when he took a position as General Manager at Evil Geniuses.

He would spend the next two years working with each of the team’s divisions, managing over forty players at one point in time. In the autumn of 2013 Cody would double back to the world of journalism when he would work with CBS Interactive as Managing Editor of the eSports website onGamers.com. After a short stint there he would work as a freelance writer for the Daily Dot.

In the Summer of 2014 he joined the hitbox family where he now works as Vice President of Community and Partnerships.

“It’s a privilege to work here at hitbox, with our fantastic team, as the livestreaming industry grows and changes. The urge to improve what we love motivates all of us here. I’m looking forward to taking that energy and giving tools to our streamers that will allow them to change their lives.”

Holiday Charity Initiatives on hitbox

In the past our streamers have used their channels to lead incredible charity initiatives, and we couldn’t be prouder of them for the work that they’ve done. With the holiday season upon us, our streamers are going above and beyond to support their favorite charities. Knowing that our content creators are doing their best to make a difference warms our hearts, and we wanted to make sure that we do our best to promote their efforts.

When you’re on hitbox over the next few weeks, consider dropping by the following channels and doing what you can to help.

TheEBStream 6 Day Charity Event
TheEBStream Charity Stream
This group of streamers is well known from the numerous charity streams they hosted throughout the year. The holiday season is no different and this time around they aim to send as much support as possible to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Their fundraiser started yesterday, December 10th, and will run until Monday, December 15th. There are three special events lined up for the coming days:

  • Sunday December 14th 12PM EST/6PM CET
    Retro Racing: Speedrunning retro games with a max of 6 people.
  • Monday December 15th 3AM EST/9AM CET.
    Super Puzzle Fighter Tournament.
    Winner receives $100
  • Monday December 15th 7AM EST/1PM CET.
    Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.
    Winner receives $100

Anyone joining the stream will have the chance to get their hands on lots of giveaways and supporting the cause is as easy as turning off your adblock, since all the ad revenue will be added to the donations coming in. In true selfless fashion TheEBStream crew will also donate $2.50 of every new channel subscription they receive during the event.

Some of our german community came together to start their own fundraiser during the holiday season for the Make A Wish Foundation. Initiated by our partner Pwn4Gamers who already managed to gather other streamers and partners like LostAiming, mashed8DE, LuckyLive and more around him, calling the initiative “#GamerHelfen“.

Gift of Giving
It’s going to be a long and cold winter, meaning the less fortunate will have a hard enough time making it through these days without a roof over their head. The Depaul International Homelessness Charity was set up to help those without a home, and a group of streamers from our community, spearheaded by Parlock, came together to help them and their cause.

On the 20th and 21st of December they are doing a 48 hour stream marathon, so make sure to head on over, enjoy the show and leave some love and maybe also a donation, while you cuddle at home with those near and dear to you.

The hitbox Community Team: Hawkeye


Our hitbox team across the globe has been consistently expanded, with more and more people joining in to take care of our ever growing community. To give you an insight into who this team consists of, what they did so far and most importantly, what they are doing within the community team, we started this blogpost series.

No better way to kick this off than with our brand new Community Ambassador for North America, Michael “Hawkeye” Chapman, who has been involved heavily in gaming for the last 6 years. In that time he has worked with companies like ESL, Curse, Denial eSports, The Gamers Network, and many other companies. Mike developed a passion for eSports as a teenager in games like Call of Duty 2 and Dawn of War, that passion lead him to become an admin at NESL where he ran Season 2 League of Legends competitions assisting with events like IEM New York, and IEM Kiev.

After a successful year at NESL Mike moved on to Curse inc where he helped establish the Team Curse brand, and worked to build a community content team through the union for gamers Youtube and Livestream networks. CurseTV, as it became known as, was one of the first large 3rd party stream networks where hundreds of streamers worked together to grow and produce amazing content. It was during this time that Mike developed a love for content creation and became really interested in both the technical and entertainment side of streaming.

Since leaving Curse, Mike has helped start several eSports brands including Denial eSports, The Gamers Network, and Surreal Productions. The love of streaming and community however has always remained intact through each new venture.

“With the move to Hitbox I hope to bring a real sense of community to North America, and provide a place where streamers are appreciated for creating awesome content, assisted and mentored to reach their goals.”

hitbox: FLGHawkeye
Twitter: FLGHawkeye

A brand new hitbox with Dark Mode, advanced Twitter integration and more

hitbox Redesign Preview

Not too long ago we celebrated hitbox’s first birthday, teasing big things to come.

Today we’re excited to share a preview of our site’s complete redesign with you. We’ve improved the hitbox frontend from top to bottom and added tools behind the scenes allowing us to better help our streamers.

We put a lot of work into the foundation of how the user facing portion of hitbox is setup, enabling us to implement new features even faster in the future. We also took a lot of the feedback we have received over the course of the last year and we’re now a huge step closer to what we set out to become when we first went live. We strive, and have always strived, to be:

A streaming platform that is as much built for the community, as it is built by the community.

We think the redesign shows that.

Some of the new features include:

  • A Dark Mode for the whole site, with the option to switch to Light Mode
  • Twitter feeds on your channel
  • Featured livestreams embedded on the hitbox frontpage
  • A Personalized frontpage giving easy access to the channels you follow
  • Easy to browse through the games currently being livestreamed
  • A responsive layout for better mobile experience, including the option to manually resize the chat
  • The ability to sort and search through the viewerlist

Where do we go from here?

With the “big one”, our redesign, out of the way, we can now crunch down on some of the other features our users are asking for, the most requested one being a Private Messaging System. Expect that to launch on a hitbox near you soon.

We’re looking forward to collecting more of your feedback on the redesign. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. We’re excited to tailor hitbox to be a design that serves you, our community, best.

hitbox iOS App now available!

hitbox iOS mobile app

The previously released hitbox Android mobile app is now joined by the first release of the hitbox iOS app!

No matter if you are on an iPhone or iPad, as long as you’re running iOS 6.0 or later you have access to all those great streams on the go. The current featureset includes:

  • Watch any stream live on hitbox
  • Join and participate in the chat
  • Follow your favourite streamers and receive notifications when they go live
  • Full-Text Search through hitbox and browse through our extensive Gameslist

With the first release for both Android and iOS out the door, we now can start working on adding features and improvments to the apps, expanding their capabilities as we go along.

What would you like to see next? Next-Gen Console Apps? Windows Mobile App?
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

hitbox participating in Virtus Pro Staff Cup

We have always said that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is near and dear to us. But we have never said we were any good.

That said, our varying skill levels won’t stop us from competing in Virtus Pro’s first Counter-Strike: Global staff cup. Taking place from November 15th to November 23rd, we will join fifteen other teams from famous esports organizations from around Europe in a battle for $1,000. The tournaments features group stages into playoffs, and you can be positive that we’ll give our foes hell and do our damnedest and fight into the playoffs.

Our group is made up of London Conspiracy, 1GAMES.ua, and Trasgo.net.

We’d like to thank Virtus Pro and Tesoro for putting on this event. It is an amazing opportunity, and we’re grateful that this vent has been put together for all of us.

All of our matches will be streamed on EFragTV. Stay tuned

On dress code and respect

A couple of weeks ago we started the hitbox News Update video with the following quote by Kurt Vonnegut:
What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.

It is a daring thing indeed, a challenging task that requires mostly trust and respect. It is a challenge we gladly took on a little over a year ago.

From the get-go it was clear that hitbox would have a focus on gaming and gaming related content, while giving the members of our community the freedom to deviate within reason from this formula for the sake of interaction and entertainment. Podcasts, talkshows, Q&A sessions, game development and art streams hosted by our streamers are just some of the examples of content that may not directly focus on gameplay, but are very much welcome on hitbox and have been embraced by our community. A community that may have first come to hitbox for gameplay, but stayed for their favourite Let’s Play or Esports streamers taking the time to talk to their viewers for hours on end, answering questions or hosting podcasts, bringing you their opinion on the latest gamerelease.

This of course brings us to the current state of things.

Since last week the question of what is and isn’t appropriate to wear and do while broadcasting has come up more and more. We strongly believe that since our community on hitbox is comprised of a wide variety of people, covering all aspects of the gaming world, everyone should be treated equally and respectfully.

For that purpose, we now want to re-state and clarify our ruleset, which is in line with the modern media industry we are a part of. More specifically we want to address the following three points:

Sexual Content
Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed. This includes showing unclothed breasts or genitals or the simulation of sexual acts via a webcam, even if that simulated sexual act is performed fully clothed. Depending on severity, such behaviour will result in a warning or even temporary or indefinite account suspension.

Free Speech
We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. Any form of hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity) however, is strictly prohibited and depending on severity will result in a warning or even temporary or indefinite account suspension.

Any form of stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy or threats is strictly prohibited and depending on severity will result in a warning or even temporary or indefinite account suspension.

During your time on hitbox you may come across content that you don’t like or even offends you. Feel free to use the report function to submit such content for review by our staff. If indeed we deem the content to be in violation of our rules, we will act accordingly.

If content offends you, consider joining another channel. Why waste time with something you don’t like? In either case, act respectfully. Hate speech and harassment, even if directed at someone who’s content may not be in line with our rules, is still a violation of our guidelines and also harms our community.

With that being said, your concerns over the last couple of days have not gone unnoticed and even though you may not agree with some of the content that can and will be found on hitbox, we still want to make your stay with us as pleasurable as possible.

As such, we will implement the ability to label and filter the content on hitbox according to age restrictions with one of our next updates. As should be the case, this age restrictions will take into account the games being played on stream, as well as webcams that may be turned on or what is being said by the broadcaster.

We will also take a close look at our Terms of Service and adapt and clarify some of it’s passages to better represent what is written in this blogpost. Your feedback is of course as always very important to us, so we encourage you to continue letting us know how you feel.

Daniel „dansen“ Leberl
Chief Community Officer

hitbox partners with myXMG

Vienna, Austria, November 5th –
Continuing its efforts to provide high quality content around the clock, hitbox has partnered with professional eSports team myXMG to bring the club’s content to the livestreaming platform.

Founded in 2011, myXMG currently boasts both male and female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive divisions. The two squads will now take advantage of hitbox’s signature, delayless broadcasting to interact with their fans and show off their gameplay.

“Esports, and Counter-Strike particularly, has always held a soft spot in our hearts here at hitbox,” said Cody Conners, Vice President of Community and Partnerships. “We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to watch myXMG’s streams this year and next on our platform.”

“We here at myXMG are very proud to finally get this out in the open,” continued myXMG’s Chief Operations Officer, Matthias Dörstel. “We’ve always thought hitbox.tv was a great platform for gamers, and that’s something we appreciate greatly. Of course, following this partnership, you’ll be able to see our professional players stream on the hitbox.tv platform. So make sure to follow us on hitbox.tv and stay up to date with the website. There are loads of new announcements coming soon!”

myXMG’s next offline appearance will be at DreamHack Winter’s $250,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. To keep up to date with their news regarding their team be sure to check out their website.


hitbox.tv is a global innovator in gaming and eSports livestreaming. With a product focusing on a delay free experience between broadcasters and viewers, it aims to bring interaction to a level that hasn’t been achieved in the industry before.
hitbox’s state-of-the-art chat based on HTML5 and its unique interaction-focused features allow the culture of sharing and community that has driven the meteoric growth of livestreaming to be realized in ways that were previously impossible. The company’s partnership program lowers the barrier to entry for gamers aspiring to turn their passions into careers so everyone can “Live! it up”.

Hitbox esports update, October 30th

Welcome dearest friends. With another weekend upon us, we wanted to make sure you were up to speed on all the esports taking place on hitbox over the weekend.

ESEC Playoffs
The Electronic Sports European Championship, or ESEC, playoffs are continuing, highlight the best national Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams across Europe. After a long regular season the games now mean more than ever.

The games will continue through November 6th.  To learn more be sure to check out the ESEC website. Be sure to check out the EFragTV channel if you want catch all the fragging.

In-Win Dota 2 Tournament Italia
Fans of regional Dota are in luck as the In-Win Dota 2 Tournament Italia continues. Featuring some of the best teams from the country, we know that this is going showcase the best of the best from the Italian Dota scene.

To tune in head over to the 5ggbranches hitbox channel.

Legendary Cards, Legendary Games

We hope everyone has had a wonderful. Before your weekend starts we wanted to make sure that you were up to speed with an hitbox esports update.

Heroes of Cards
Our Heroes of Cards Hearthstone tournament is already well underway. Featuring some of the digital card game’s brightest stars, like Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen and Thijs “Thijs” Molendijk, the tournament boasts the highest level of play you can see before BlizzCon.

The tournament concludes today at 20:00CET. To tune in check out the Heroes of Cards hitbox channel.

ESEC Playoffs
Fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be excited to hear that the Electronic Sports European Championship, or ESEC, is heading into the playoffs. After a long regular season the games now mean more than ever.

The playoffs begin tomorrow and will continue through November 6th.  To learn more be sure to check out the ESEC website. Be sure to check out the EFragTV channel if you want catch all the fragging.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legends
Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legends king of the hill has quickly become our favorite part of Monday. The series continues Monday as our reigning champs Fnatic take on hopefuls London Conspiracy. Can Fnatic take another week and another $1,000?

If you’re a CS:GO fan, and we know you are, this is a must see event. Be sure to get your bets in at CS:GO Lounge and catch the action on the EFragTV channel.


Sub Button Hype!

Hello all, and welcome to another community blog. We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready to jump into another week of great news.

Sub Button Hype
In July we announced that we were having a promotion that allowed all new partners to take advantage of our subscription programs right out of the gate. We found that our newer partners really appreciated having this monetization option and that it made up a significant portion, in some instances the most significant portion, of their revenue. So we extended it through September.  And we continued to see our new partners be really creative with the program and, as expected, we saw our streamers continue to turn this into a big percentage of their revenue.

So we, you know, kind of cheated in October and continued to give it to all our partners.

Now we’ve just decided it’s here to stay. It’s such a valuable tool for helping to build communities, and it is a great way for content creators on hitbox to generate earnings. We want all of our partners to be able to use the subscription program.

If you’re a new partner be sure to ask about subscriptions during onboarding and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Kinguin World Record Event
Our friends at Kinguin are going to try and break the world record for longest stream, and we couldn’t be more excited to help support them.

Hubert Blejch, a KinguinTV streamer, as a super gamer and an expectant father is attempting to break the longest video games marathon record (135 hours 15 minutes 10 seconds) all while helping to raise money for Child’s Play.

Hubert’s mission begins in four days. You can catch all the action here on hitbox.

Race The Moon on hitbox

We’re extremely excited about Race The Moon this weekend.

Race to the Moon is a twenty-four hour music festival for charity taking place inside Minecraft servers. Imagine that. A huge party taking place inside a Minecraft server. Over the course of the weekend thousands of players will connect and enjoy live performances all within the Minecraft client.

To get a taste of the fun in store, take a look at the video below:

Last year’s event was a tremendous with success, with over 350,000 unique viewers tuning in via streams and over 25,000 players participating in game. This year’s festival will be streamed exclusively on hitbox’s signature, delay-free streaming technology, allowing for viewers to enjoy the show like never before.

This year’s Race to the Moon will certainly be an event to remember. The event’s organizers have raised $20,000 for Child’s Play with their past charitable initiatives, and they’re looking forward to seeing that number grow over the course of the weekend.
To tune in, visit the Race The Moon channel here on hitbox. Come have a blast with us.

eSports Update, October 16th

Esports — it just warms the heart, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at what’s new when it comes to competitive gaming here on hitbox.

Xfire and hitbox partner for the Counter-Strike Arena Open
We’re elated to share that we’ve partnered with Xfire, the ultimate tournament platform, to produce and broadcast the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena Open, a new tournament series for amateur CS:GO teams.

This will give amateur teams a unique chance to compete with the pros, as the winner of the open earns a spot in our next Counter-Strike Arena Championship.

You can learn more by reading all the details here.

In-Win Dota 2 Tournament Italia
Fans of regional Dota are in for a treat, as the In-Win Dota 2 Tournament Italia starts tomorrow. Featuring some of the best teams from the country, we’re positive that this is going showcase the best of the best from the Italian Dota scene.

To tune in head over to the 5ggbranches hitbox channel.

Windforce Dota 2 Cup
The Windforce Dota 2 Cup is midway through its playoffs. Boasting fantastic teams from Southeast Asia, such as MiTH, Arrow, and Invasion, this a must watch for any Dota lovers out there.

The action can be found over the weekend here exclusively on DotaTalk’s hitbox channel.

Counter-Strike Arena Championship 3 Finals
Our Counter-Strike Arena Championship is wrapping up, and what a show it has been. Over the weekend the semifinals will take place and early next week the Grand Finals will crown a champion.

We’ve all been watching enraptured through the group stages and playoffs, and now the final stretch is in sight. Who will walk away $5,000 richer? Will it be Virtus.Pro, dignitas, LDLC, or Fnatic?

To find out tune into the CS Arena channel.

Xfire and hitbox collaborate on CS: GO Arena Open

Vienna, Austria, October 15thXfire, the ultimate tournament platform, and hitbox have partnered to produce and broadcast the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena Open, a new tournament series for amateur CS:GO teams. The winning team will qualify to the next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena Championship and compete against the best CS:GO teams from Europe, a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain fame in the growing CS:GO scene and compete thousands of dollars.

Registration for the qualifier is now open at on Xfire for any amateur CS:GO team. The elimination tournament will begin on Saturday, November 15th. Full tournament rules, qualifier rounds, and the main event can be found on Xfire’s official event page.

“Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that the entire hitbox team has come to love,” remarked Aladin Ben, Head of Partnerships and Content for hitbox. “It has been a critical part of our continue growth as a platform, and we’re elated that we get to collaborate with Xfire on a Counter-Strike tournament.”

“We’re thrilled that hitbox has chosen Xfire to help them bring professional quality eSports production to the amateur scene,” added Mark Donovan, CEO at Xfire. “Xfire is all about improving the competitive experience for players across the globe. When you combine our tournament management technology with hitbox’s streaming platform you get the most intuitive, engaging eSports experience available on the market. Players will be able to register, compete and spectate all on a single Hitbox site. That’s the type of experience, as competitors and organizers, that we’ve always dreamed to have.”

The tournament will combine Xfire’s comprehensive tournament management system along with hitbox’s signature, delay free broadcasting to create a unique experience for tournament viewers. The matches can be viewed in English on the official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena channel.


About hitbox:

hitbox.tv is a global innovator in gaming and eSports livestreaming. With a product focusing on a delay free experience between broadcasters and viewers, it aims to bring interaction to a level that hasn’t been achieved in the industry before.

hitbox’s state-of-the-art chat based on HTML5 and its unique interaction-focused features allow the culture of sharing and community that has driven the meteoric growth of livestreaming to be realized in ways that were previously impossible. The company’s partnership program lowers the barrier to entry for gamers aspiring to turn their passions into careers so everyone can “Live! it up”.

About Xfire:

Xfire provides the world’s most advanced eSports platform. In addition to connecting 27 million global gamers through the Xfire social client, Xfire now gives eSports organizers, brands, and publishers the tools they need to easily create and manage their own tournaments around the games they love. Xfire’s investors include Intel Capital and Tomorrow Ventures. Xfire is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

Community Update, October 13th

We’ll start with a little bit of a teaser. We had mentioned that we had a way for our community to celebrate hitbox’s birthday with us a few weeks ago. While that news isn’t coming today, we can tell you that it is coming soon. We hope that you guys will really be happy when you see what’s in store.

That said, another wonderful week of hitbox community content lies ahead, and that just warms our heart.

The partners that were highlighted in last week’s community blog all reached out to us to tell us how much they appreciated the kind words, so we wanted to spend another week highlighting streamers that you might not know about.

Funkyblackcat, of YouTube fame, has been streaming on hitbox for just over two months now. A versatile broadcaster, his stream regularly features a variety of of different titles being played. You can expect to see everything from Grand Theft Auto to Call of Duty.

If you’re part of hitbox’s Brazilian community we wholeheartedly encourage to check his stream out.

We absolutely love spreedrunning here at hitbox.

Necromancia88 is a Chilean speedrunner who specializes in various titles entries from the Megaman series. Never before in our lives have we seen these games tackled such precision. If you want to catch the madness, be sure to give his stream a look.

Yuuhi is a partner who has been with us for a long time. A Polish streamer, Yuuhi streams everything from Arma 3 to the newest, hottest AAA titles.

He is also one of our most consistent streamers. You can count on him being online almost everyday during the early afternoon and evening CET. If you’re part of our great Polish community we cannot encourage you enough to give this fellow some love.

If you’re a fan of action RPGs, you absolutely have to catch KZX. A very social streamer, KZX can normally be found streaming games with his friends and interacting with his audience.

He’s recently been dabbling with the latest Super Smash Brothers titles. If you want to see what sort of trouble he’s getting into don’t hesitate and tune in.

Community Update, October 6

With today’s community update we wanted to showcase, specifically, some of our partners that create interesting content in interesting ways. We’re always excited when we see our users think outside the box and use our platform in a creative fashion.

Below are some teams, networks, and individual streamers that we think you should check out.

A Panda Co. Network
Two weeks ago we showcased our new team partnerships in our community blog. This partnership model allows groups that don’t meet the individual partnership requirements to all earn revenue individually while sharing a single, unifying subscription button. We’ve found that allowing these groups to monetize their content is a great way to help streamers grow both their own, personal, brands as well as their communities.

A Panda Co. Network is a fantastic example of a group that has really excelled using this style of partnership. JP, the head of the network, and his team are constantly growing both in size and earnings. It has been incredible to see the crew get to work over the last few months.

A varied group, you can find the network’s members streaming everything from MMOs to FPS. We encourage you all to give them a look when you have the chance.

The Morning Wood Show
Hosted by TonyPizzaGuy of YouTube fame, The Morning Wood Show is hitbox’s first morning show. Live every weekday at 9AM PST/12PM EST, this podcast is always a great way to start your day off with a laugh.

To catch up on what you’ve missed and see if the show is for you, be sure to check out the show’s official website.

A true icon in the League of Legends community, Riot Season One MVP Shushei can be found streaming his practice here on hitbox nearly every day.

Mondays are his push-up challenge day. For each death this former champion will get on the floor and do a push-up. What the results might be are still up in the air because he doesn’t die every much, but we encourage you to watch regardless.

If you’re looking for the most sultry voice on hitbox, look no further than NovaWar.

One half of the duo behind LifeisAGlitchTV, NovaWar covers the entire spectrum of gaming. Racing, shooting, you name it and he plays it. If you’re looking for a stream with a lot of community interaction we wholeheartedly recommend scooting over and checking out NovaWar.


Esports Update, October 3rd

Another seven X’s on the calendar means another week of esports. Let’s take a look and see what’s coming up in the world of competitive gaming here on hitbox.

Arena Championship 3
We’re making our way into the final stretch of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena Championship 3. With great teams like Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas participating, we’re positive that this is action that you are not going to want to miss out on.

Check the official website for list of channels and languages covering the event. For a quick summary of the games to come please refer to the schedule below:

7-10-2014, 19:00 Group D M3: LDLC vs NaVi
7-10-2014, 21:00 Group B M5: Epsilon vs ATN

8-10-2014, 19:00 Group D M4: NiP vs mTw
8-10-2014, 21:00 Group D M5: LM3 vs WM4

10-10-2014, 19:00 RO8: Virtus Pro vs TBD
10-10-2014, 21:00 RO8: Dignitas vs TBD

11-10-2014, 19:00 RO8: Overgaming vs TDB
11-10-2014, 21:00 RO8: Fnatic vs CPH. Wolves

12-10-2014, 19:00: Semifinals One
12-10-2014, 21:00: Semifinals Two

13-10-2014, 19:00: Grand Finals

Bounty Hunter Series
We’d like to apologize for delay with the Bounty Hunter Series.

We’re excited to share that we’re back with a bang, though. Team Empire will face Virtus.Pro Polar in a $1,000 best of five on Wednesday, October 8th. Get your rares ready, because we’re sure this will be a fantastic match.

The series will be broadcast in four different languages. The games will be broadcast in English by Jonathan “PimpmuckL” Liebig,  Russian by Anton “Mob5ter” Yerokhin, and Polish by Tomek “bandiT” Borys, and Italian Adriano “merlo” Milone.

GameShow Finals
The finals for the GameShow League begin today and will continue through October 5th. The LAN finals taking place in Moscow, Russia will feature the incredible teams myXMG, HellRaisers, Na’vi, and Virtus.Pro facing off in a double elimination bracket.

The winner will walk away $12,000 richer. This is certainly an event that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to catch all the action on GameShow’s hitbox channel.

Happy Birthday to us!


Today is a special day here at hitbox. Today is the day the team celebrates the platform’s first birthday.

And what a year it has been.

When we started we had one goal: providing an improved streaming experience for broadcasters and viewers. While our focus is always towards the horizon and we’re always eager to improve, we are proud of the mark we’ve left on the industry over the last 365 days. Since our start last year viewers have watched over 3,000 years worth of video content and we’ve served 100,000,000 page views. But we couldn’t have done it without you. It is through you guys, our fantastic community, using our platform that we find our fulfillment. We’ve grown a lot over the last year, and we want to thank all of you for coming along on this ride with us.

Within the next week we’ll be sharing some cool initiatives that will allow you to celebrate this birthday with us. Keep your eyes peeled. We think you’ll be excited to participate.

Now, with all the sentimental stuff taken care of, let’s proceed with the rest of the community update.

Our Reddit community is organizing a charity marathon called ReddiThon towards the end of October for Child’s Play.

Anyone can participate. If you would like to get involved please visit the thread and apply for a time in the Google Spreadsheet. We would also like to thank all those in advance that donate.

Brazilian and Portugal Ambassadors added
We’d like to welcome Bruno Pansarello and João Ferreira to our ambassador team. With their addition we’re excited about being able to serve this important markets more effectively.

They’ll be taking care of our socials in Brazil and Portugal respectively. If you’d like to keep in touch with these communities please refer to the links below:

Brazilian Facebook
Brazilian Twitter
Portuguese Facebook
Portuguese Twitter

Month of Horror
With Halloween right around the corner we wanted to share some of our favorite spooky streams with you.

Aestheticgamer, one of our very first partners, will spend this October streaming some of his favorite bone-chilling titles.
Pyschadelicsnake will also join in on the fun, streaming some horror classics throughout the month.
Rounding out our list of scary streams is Scaryplayttv, where you can find horror titles being played not just in October but year round.


Dotatalk and hitbox team up

Vienna, Austria, October 1st, 2014 — Dotatalk, Southeast Asia’s most active Dota community, and hitbox have partnered to bring Dotatalk’s high quality content exclusively to the streaming platform. Community produced events, like the Steelseries Malaysia Cup and the Gigabyte WindForce Dota2 Cup, will now all be broadcast on hitbox’ signature, delayless technology.

“Dotatalk puts out incredible content that focuses on one of the most exciting regions in competitive Dota,” said Aladin Ben, hitbox’s Head of Partnerships and Content. “It is a privilege to work with a partner that is dedicated as they are. There is no doubt in our mind that they will create unique and valuable content.”

“We’re extremely excited about this opportunity to collaborate with hitbox.tv,” added Jaren Gan from Dotatalk. “Their vision matched ours, and we’re looking forward to producing work that represents the best of the Southeast Asian Dota community.”

The two organizations have collaborated before, broadcasting the SeaDragonBattle tournament on hitbox in August where their channel boasted a concurrent viewer count of 16,500. Dotatalk’s first broadcast as part of this renewed partnership will be the Steelseries SEA Cup.

Dotatalk on hitbox:


hitbox.tv is a global innovator in gaming and eSports livestreaming. With a product focusing on a delay free experience between broadcasters and viewers, it aims to bring interaction to a level that hasn’t been achieved in the industry before.

hitbox’s state-of-the-art chat based on HTML5 and its unique interaction-focused features allow the culture of sharing and community that has driven the meteoric growth of livestreaming to be realized in ways that were previously impossible. The company’s partnership program lowers the barrier to entry for gamers aspiring to turn their passions into careers so everyone can “Live! it up”.

Esports update, September 25th

Hello again, esports fans. It has been another week here at hitbox, and that means it is time for us to share what you can look forward to from the world of competitive in gaming. Take a gander below to see what’s on the horizon.

CS:GO Legends
Fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are going to be treated to another star-studded best of five in our CS:GO Legends king of the hill on Monday, September 29th. The defending kings Fnatic will face off against the recently shuffled Titan lineup. Can the new Titan squad dethrone the seemingly unbeatable Fnatic and walk away $1,000 richer for their efforts?

Matches begin at 18:00CET on e-Frag TV’s hitbox channel. Be sure to bet your skins wisely.

Excellent Moscow Cup LAN Finals
The beloved Excellent Moscow Cup is finally concluding with it’s offline finals at Forum Hall in Moscow, Russia. Natus Vincere, Team Empire, Virtus.pro, and HellRaisers will go blow for blow as they fight for the title of champion and their stake of the $70,000 and climbing prize pool.

The finals begin tomorrow, so be sure to tune in and catch all the action. The games will be cast in English by PimpmuckL. You can also catch the games in Russian here.

CS Arena Championship Round of Eight
Our CS Arena Championships are moving from the group stages and into the round of eight this weekend. With squads like Dignitas, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas this is certainly a show that Counter-Strike fans will not want to miss.

The first match begins Sunday, September 28th at 20:00CET. For a list of all the streams you can tune into please visit the hitbox CS Arena Championship website.

Growing the community with team partnerships

Today we wanted to shed some light on a kind partnership that we have here at hitbox that helps growing brands and organizations. On hitbox the team feature is not only a truly public one, but it will now allow like minded communities and esports teams to start monetizing the content they create if their members don’t qualify for the individual partnership threshold.

Team partnerships work the same as our individual partnerships in some ways, but the way partner features work is slightly different. Groups of five people or more can apply for a team partnership, and if approved all channels get access to the following:

  • A group subscription button
  • Monetization via ad revenue

In this model a subscription gets viewers access to all the channels in the team. One subscription gives supporters of your content access to a shared set of sub emotes across all the channels associated with one another. All channels can show commercials and generate ad revenue.

Channels with over 100 concurrent viewers in a team also qualify for transcoding.

We’ve been experimenting with this over the last few months. It began initially with smaller, regional teams and then moved on to communities like A Panda Co. Network. In each instance we saw growth. This is great for both parties, because our partners’ success is our success.

So, maybe you and your teammates don’t meet the 100 concurrent viewer requirement for partnership. We have an option that can cover you and your interests while you grow.  If you’d like to know more please apply here.

All your statistics are belong to us

On Fridays we want to give our community the chance to see what our dev team has been working on behind the scenes.

This weeks big push was completely renovating our statistics page. The new statistic page is more robust, giving our broadcasters the ability to easily see information about their users and the way they watch than was previously available.

Streamers can now hone in on the most minute detail to see just how their content is being consumed. You can now see many of your subscribers have been when watching and compare that to your peak viewership. You can then compare that to you average viewership. You can take all that and then compare it to how many of your viewers watch from a mobile device. We truly believe this will enrich the experience of our streamers who will then, in turn, provide better experiences for their viewers.

Our partners, in particular, should really enjoy the new feature set. The stats page now allows them to track how many users were watching, how many ads were served, and how much money was earned all in one glance. Giving our partners the ability to keep a close eye where they earn should allow them to earn more.

We hope you guys enjoy the new stats page, and we hope it allows you to make the most out of your stream.

Esports update, September 18th


Another week at hitbox means another week of esports here at hitbox. Take a gander below to see what’s on the calendar for this weekend and the following week.

Arena Championship 3
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is always a favorite in the hitbox office, and we’re elated to announce that we’re doing our best to up the ante with the third iteration of our Global Offensive Arena Championship.

Boasting a $10,000 prize pool, the event will take place over the next two weeks. The tournament features some of Europe’s top teams and we’re certain that this is a show you won’t want to miss.

For more information, please see the event’s information page here.

BountyHunter Series
The BountyHunter Series king of the hill is making it’s return on Monday, September 22nd at 16:00 GMT/12:00PM EST.

Natus Vincere will face off against reigning champs Team Empire in a best of five for $1,000. The English stream will be cast by Jonathan “PimpmuckL” Liebig here. The Russian stream will be cast by Anton “Mob5ter” Yerokhin and can be found here. Additonally we got a slew of casts in other languages, which can all be found on the BountyHunter Series team page.

Gameshow CS:GO
The more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the better.

Gameshow’s Counter-Strike event has already begun, will continue through the weekend and conclude early next week. With teams like Mousesports, Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere this is a tournament that will keep you glued to your seat.

For those looking to watch, you can tune in to Gameshow’s hitbox channel.

League of Legends World Championships in Polish by gromptv
We’re very excited to share that the League of Legends World Championships 2014 will be cast in Polish on hitbox by GrompTV.

The list of talent includes regional casters Jan “Piece of Your Pie” Hrynkiewicz , Michał “Avahir” Kudliński, Filip “Warlord C” Mozol, Dominik “Nero Integrate” Dąbrowski, Norbert “Yeti” Glier and Adam “Musek” Górski.

The group stages have already started, but you can catch up on the action by visiting the GrompTV hitbox channel.

fraglider Dota2 Cup
Starting September 19th and continuing through the 21st is the fraglider Dota 2 cup. Featuring eight of the best Portuguese Dota 2 teams, the event should be a blast for any folks with interests in that region’s esports scene.

The tournament has a 160€ prize pool. The matches can be found on their hitbox channel. Games start at 19:00 GMT.

Copenhagen Wolves Through Relegation
Before we conclude we would like to give a tremendous congratulations to the Copenhagen Wolves, a team near and dear to our hearts, for making it through relegation and earning their spot back in the League Championship series.

Phenomenal play, gentlemen. We’re looking forward to see you do work next split.

Community Update, September 15th

Another week with our great community lies ahead of us, and, as always, you can be a part of it by joining the streams, participating in the competitions and using our growing regional social network channels to connect with fellow streamers. Speaking of which:

Italian and Spanish Ambassadors
Last week an Italian and a Spanish Ambassador joined the hitbox family. With them comes dedicated Facebook pages and Twitter accounts in their respective languages.



The Sandbox Challenge
Next up is a special, two week challenge we’re running together with Pixowl, the developer behind the very popular The Sandbox. You now have two weeks time to craft the most destructive volcano within the newly released PC version of the game.

Record and share your creation on hitbox or YouTube, using the hashtag #VolcanoContest until September 28th and tune in to the final stream on September 29th at 6pm CEST, hosted by Pixowl, where they’ll give us walkthrough of the best entries and announce the winners.

Arena Gaming Center 12h Special Stream
Our partners from the Arena Gaming Center in Florida will be hosting a special 12 hour charity stream to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Make sure to tune in this Friday, September 19th starting at 3pm EDT. Have fun and consider donating while you’re there for this honorable cause.

Age of Empires Developers Stream
Last but not least we are happy to announce regular livestreams from Microsoft Studios, the developers behind Age of Empires. We are sure that a lot of you, just like many of our staff, grew up sinking hour after hour into this franchise, building their empire and trying to rule the world.

Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm Pacific for some awesome gameplay and maybe sneak peeks from the soon to be released Age of Empires: Castle Siege.

hitbox just got better

We are updating hitbox as often as multiple times a week, meaning that a monthly blogpost, introducing you to the changes, updates and improvements just doesn’t cut it. So together with the community and the esports update, the “hitbox just got better” series will conclude the trifecta of weekly blogpost awesomeness.

Emote Chatbox
With our recent addition of new emotes and all our partners getting sub emotes, a dedicated place to have easy access to all that graphical goodness was the logical next step. We bring to you, the emote chatbox:
Emote Chatbox

Specials for Followers and Subscribers
Having the option to run polls and giveaways right out your dashboard and seeing them integrated into chat is nothing new. The option to only enable Follower or Subscribers to participate is. It is the perfect time for all you hitbox broadcasters out there to send back some love to all the viewers who support you!
Follower and Subscriber Only Polls and Giveaways

New Ingesting Locations
The expansion of our streaming infrastructure continues with the addition of two brand new ingest servers, one located in Moscow and the in Hong Kong. Both XSplit and OBS are already up-to-date with their serverlists, but in case you need the direct RTMP link refer below:


Hong Kong

Esports update, September 11th


We want to make sure you don’t miss a second of the esports action happening here on hitbox. Below is a look at what went down last week and what’s on the horizon:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legends Series
Our weekly CS:GO Series saw defending champion Virtus Pro dethroned this week. The Swedish Fnatic squad put on a convincing show, taking the best of five in three games and walking away $1,000 richer.

We’re still working on the details for next week’s match, but please keep your eyes open. As soon as we have everything set in stone we will announce it via Facebook and Twitter.

Excellent Moscow Cup
The qualifiers for the second season of the Excellent Moscow Cup are well underway. For the last two weeks we’ve been treated to nearly six hours of high level Dota almost everyday.

Newbee have already secured their trip to Moscow from the Chinese qualifiers. Over the course of the next nine days we’ll find out what three European teams will join them at the offline event held later this month. We’ve got squads like Na’vi, Fnatic, and compLexity fighting tooth and nail — it is truly some of the best Dota around.

The event is cast in English by PimpmuckL and WakeyPixel. You can also catch the games in Russian here.

NorCraft Cup
The online qualifiers for StarCraft 2’s Norcraft Cup started yesterday and will continue through the rest of the month. Whether you want to try and compete or just want to watch some top tier StarCraft, please refer to the schedule below.

Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Qualifiers:
Qualifier #1 – Sun, September 14, 2014, 14:00 CEST.
Qualifier #2 – Sun, September 20, 2014, 14:00 CEST.
Qualifier #3 – Sun, September 28, 2014, 14:00 CEST.
Qualifier #4 – TBD.

Finnish Qualifiers:
Qualifier #1 – Wed, September 10, 2014, 18:00 CEST.
Qualifier #2 – Wed, September 17, 2014, 18:00 CEST.
Qualifier #3 – Wed, September 24, 2014, 18:00 CEST.
Qualifier #4 – Wed, October 1, 2014, 18:00 CEST

The main event will be held from November 14 – 16 with JoRoSaR at the helm of the English stream.  The matches will also be broadcast in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish. You can find all the language options here.

Don’t miss a second of the action! There will be giveaways from the event’s sponsor Cooler Master as well as subscriber prizes.

A call to action

We’ve decided to start doing a blog series every week to make sure that you can get the most out of your hitbox.tv experience. Each week we’ll release three separate posts. Two highlighting different parts of our userbase and one that gets our audience up to speed with our team and our development processes.

Mondays will focus on our community. Here we aim to give some love to the streamers, networks, and teams that make our community so vibrant and fun. On Thursdays we’ll share all the esports related news for the upcoming week, detailing the tournaments and showmatches that we have on our calendar. Fridays will focus on the hitbox team itself. We’ll pull back the curtains and let you see what we’re working on behind on the scene and what is coming down the development pipeline.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Become a part of the hitbox family
We’re looking to add to our growing team of community ambassadors, and we want to see if you would be a perfect fit. Our ambassadors are self starters who are involved and engaged in their local regions, have a love for esports and can work with a diverse group of colleagues. We’re looking for passionate people who have experience in social media.

We have ambassadors representing Germany, Romania, and Poland at the moment. If you’re interested in joining them please send an email to info@hitbox.tv and make sure to let us know why you would be the perfect addition to our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Something special from our community
Before signing off we’d like to give a nod to two of our streamers who have gone above and beyond with their entertaining this past week.

One of our favorite streams in the office is newLEGACYinc. If you’re a fan of wrestling, or just general tomfoolery, this might be the perfect stream for you. At the newLEGACYinc channel it’s not unusual to find life size chickens fighting in ladder matches, so if you’re keen on the bizarre we encourage you to stop by the next time their team is live.

We’d also love to give a huge shoutout to m00sician, one of our earliest partners, who is about to break 48,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. We encourage you all to stop by his channel while he’s streaming and give him a congratulations for this achievement.

hitbox updates for July and August, 2014

It’s been a while since our last update blogpost. This isn’t due to a of lack of news on our behalf, but instead due to our constantly growing userbase that is keeping us on our toes.

Record Breaking
Not only is that userbase pushing us to be the best streaming platform we can be, it is helping us break records both internally and externally on an almost daily basis. A quick gander at yesterday’s inaugural episode of the hitbox CS:GO Legends King of the Hill Series, cast by eFragTV, can shed some light on just how impressive these numbers can be.

  • With 100,835 total bets on CS:GO Lounge, the record for bets on a single series was broken
  • Peaking out at 69,071 viewers, eFragTV broke the record for concurrent viewers on hitbox on a single channel
  • Users spent an average of three hours watching the match, resulting in 324,623 total viewed hours from a single best of five

While our goal is providing a consistent and stable service, we have of course also been hard at work on further improvements, updates and upgrades. Let’s delve into some of what has been happening on the development front on hitbox.

New Dashboard Features
Not only can you now see a live preview of your stream on the dashboard, we now have an automated settings checker that will let you know whether or not any of your settings differ from our recommendations.

We believe in the freedom to choose what settings you want to use. A hardcoded limitation of what our service accepts isn’t an option. But the introduction of this feature will help you to troubleshoot your stream quickly should any issues arise.

New Statistics Page
Our new statistics page comes with the ability to filter by a slew of new options like followers, mobile viewers, registered viewers, etc…, while boasting a greatly improved load time.

Truly Global
With the addition of ingest locations in Sydney, Australia and Denver, USA, our service for our streamers now truly spans the globe. You can find both servers within the hitbox plugin for XSplit already, while an addition to the OBS serverlist is already in the works.

You can connect to them directly by using the following RTMP addresses:

Truly Multilingual
Not only is our infrastructure making its way across the globe, our communication channels are as well. We’re excited to welcome newcomers to our social media family as dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages for Germany, Romania and Poland have been created with more to come.





An Outlook on What’s Next
Of course it doesn’t end there. We have some rather large updates in the works, but we’d like to highlight a few in particular:

We’re working on a dedicated Point of Presence (PoP) on the United States west coast. This means more hardware power, more storage, faster VoD delivery and improved ingesting.

Our iOS App is being worked on and will be ready for release in the near future. This, paired with our existing Android App, will give most of our mobile users an option for using our platform on the go.

A lot of you have been asking for a private message service on hitbox. We will take it a step further and are working on a true private chat feature. When released, the private chat feature will allow you to talk with any number of other hitbox users in true private discussions, leaving your stream chat untouched.

We are now up and running for almost a full year and have received massive amounts of feedback from you, which has all been highly appreciated. Behind the scenes we have been working on a full redesign of hitbox, taking into account as much of your input as possible. We’re eager to show you sneak peeks here in the coming weeks.

British Heart Foundation charity marathon with EBStream

Our partners and friends at the EBStream are hosting a charity marathon on behalf of the British Heart Foundation from Wednesday, August 27th through Monday, September 1st.  Their team is trying to raise $1,500 over the course of the marathon, and we’re positive that with your help this is something they can accomplish.

Below are some of the scheduled special events that will take place over the course of the marathon.

August 27th, starting at 06:00 CET there will be twenty-four hours of Grand Theft Auto 3. 
August 29th, starting at 15:00 CET there will be a Q&A with the Mega Coin Squad developer.
August 30th, starting at 21:00 CET, there will be a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament.
August 30th, starting after the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament, there will be a Q&A with the Amazing Princess Sarah developer.
September 1st, starting at 09:00 CET, there will be a Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo tournament.

Coronary heart disease is the United Kingdom’s single biggest killer but the British Heart Foundation, along with its advocates like the EBStream, are doing their best to change that. We encourage everyone to tune in and consider making a donation if you feel inclined.

You can donate using their ImRaising widget. Additionally all ad revenue earned during the marathon will also go to the British Heart Foundation.

#hitboxlive – Time to Switch

It’s sad to see someone lose touch with the very people that made them big. Forcing a 30+ second delay on streamers and ruining their VoD’s with automated copyright claims is a slap in the face of everyone who tries to share their passion for gaming with the world.

Luckily we all have a voice and can make ourselves heard. We did it by creating a platform that is deeply rooted within the community, and you can do it too by joining with us.
At hitbox you’re always with friends, and the soundtrack is whatever you want it to be. Continue reading

Subscription for all new partners till 31st July in the race to 50.000 Likes


To celebrate the road to 50,000 Facebook likes, hitbox is proud to announce that all existing partners and streamers who apply for partnership before 31st July 2014 and get accepted will receive access to hitbox’ subscription program.

The subscription program allows streamers using hitbox to further monetize their work by offering optional, monthly subscriptions to their channel that gives their fans access to exclusive perks and privileges. Viewers can directly support their favorite streamers and for example take advantage of special badges and emotes.

“As a young company, we are constantly learning from our users. It has become clear to us that we need to broaden our horizons with those who wish to stream with us. Any person who broadcasts to an average of 100 or more concurrent viewers can join the hitbox partner family. As a partner, you can immediately start to take advantage of our advertising revenue sharing program and now also our subscription program.” – Can Ertugrul, Chief Marketing Officer (hitbox.tv)

The promotion applies to all existing partners and streamers in the partnership application process by July 31st, 2014. 

The requirements for joining the hitbox partner family and the application form can be found here.

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Play with the Copenhagen Wolves live on hitbox on 19th July


Have you ever wanted to play LoL against a Pro Player from the LCS?
Now is your chance! 

The Copenhagen Wolves are calling for a special community event taking place on 19th July between 13:00 and 15:00 CEST live on hitbox

Play with the Wolfpack

You as a fan will get the chance to be selected to play with and against the Wolfpack’s LCS Players!

This special event will be accompanied with some special giveaways by the Wolves which you can win by following the instructions on the posts on social media pages of Copenhagen Wolves or hitbox… look out for #CWFANS


What you can expect:

The Wolves’ LCS Players will split to two teams. Each team will consist of 2 Pro Players and 3 Fans who are selected during the stream in a raffle.

First, a 5×5 will be played with in total 6 fans. This is followed by an ARAM with another group of 6 fans. The spectacle will be casted by one player of the Wolfpack together with hitbox Challenger FaceOff shoutcaster Spuddington.

So stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to play with or against Youngbuck, Woolite, Unlimited, Brokenshard, and SorenxD!

The stream will be live on:  hitbox.tv/copenhagenwolves

P.S.: If you want to check out the other channels of the Copenhagen Wolves on hitbox: hitbox.tv/team/copenhagenwolves

BountyHunter Asia Showdown

BountyHunter Asia Showdown

The BountyHunter Series and Tournament Specials have by now become a household name within Dota2, regularly featuring some of the best teams from around the world, facing off against each other. Sticking with this tradition, we are proud to bring you the BountyHunter Asia Showdown.

This Wednesday and Thursday, the 16th and 17th of July, starting at 7am EDT / 11am GMT / 1pm CEST / 7pm SGT, you will get to see:

in an unforgiving single elimination tournament. Who can make it through the bracket without dropping a match and come out on top to win the $800,- prizepool?

Find out on one of our streams, covering multiple languages.

English channel casted by Pimpmuckl
Russian channel casted by mob5ter
Vietnamese channel casted by ESV Studio
Thai channel casted by Arifeenz

As always, you will have the chance to win some goodies via giveaways on our Twitter and Facebook pages, while the channels will have a subscribe option for the first time, giving you access to an exclusiv badge and a lot of custom emotes to liven up the chat!

CS Arena entering Showdown mode on hitbox (14th – 16th July)


After the successful kick-off of the CS Arena Championship in May – where Titan emerged as champion – the time for frags has come back again on hitbox.

From 14th – 16th July, we are hosting the CS Arena Showdown

It is a more condensed 3-day format with following 8 teams facing each other in the Showdown: Mousesports, Overgaming, ESG!, Reason Gaming, buggit!, Copenhagen Wolves (playing with a stand-in as CPH.mix), Berzerk, and AliGon. They will battle it out for a USD 1.000 prize purse (the winner takes home USD 750).

The schedule:

   Mon, 14th July

      19:30 CEST – ESG! vs. Reason Gaming (BO1)
      20:30 CEST – OverGaming vs. BuggIT (BO1)
      21:30 CEST – Winner of game 1 vs. Winner of game 2 (BO3)

   Tue, 15th July

      19:30 CEST – Mousesports vs. CPH.mix. (BO1)
      20:30 CEST – Berzerk vs. AliGon (BO1)
      21:30 CEST – Winner of game 1 vs. Winner of game 2 (BO3)

   Wed, 16th July

      20:00 CEST – Final: Winner of Monday’s BO3 vs. Winner of Tuesday’s BO3 (BO3)

Tune it to the matches that will be  broadcasted in

English on www.hitbox.tv/csarena
French on www.hitbox.tv/csarenafr
German on www.hitbox.tv/csarenade

More on HLTV: www.hltv.org/news/12798-arena-showdown-schedule-released
or on the official page: http://arenachampionship.eu/

May the best team win… Stay tuned for special giveaways during the live stream!

The monthly guide to hitbox updates for 06.2014

hitbox update june 2014

June has seen some major new releases and much wanted improvements. First and foremost something most of you have been waiting for:

First release of the hitbox mobile app for Android
As promised, you can now follow the hitbox livestreams and participate in the chats not just by using a mobile browser, but our dedicated app for Android devices. We already got a ton of feedback and will have the first update ready within the next days. Of course we won’t stop there, as we have already plans for more features and releases for other mobile operating systems.

Updates to the Chat
The chat is one of the most integral parts of a livestreaming service, so it deserves some special attention. Thanks again to your feedback and feature requests we are happy to see the chat evolve and get feature-updates that you will only find on hitbox.
Like the Chat UI, which has seen a huge update. The look, feel and performance of the viewerlist have been greatly improved, while you are now able to chose between two different layouts for the chat, which can be toggled on/off via the “compact mode” chat setting. We personally prefere the compact mode for when the chat gets crowded with people and turn it off when we are in channels where we can have more relaxed conversations.
Secondly we integrated a raffle feature. Every streamer can now start raffles/giveaways right from their dashboard. No need for custom commands or special addons. Point and click, it’s as easy as that.

Completely new Recordings Backend
Another part of hitbox that came up again and again in your feedback was the recordings section. We not just improved upon the existing features, but replaced the technology behind it from the ground up. This made it possible to get rid of the 2 hour limit for individual videos and also makes skipping through the timeline of a video work like a charm. While at it we also included the option to link to your videos with a timecode, so the video starts playing at the exact time you specify.
Here’s an example: http://www.hitbox.tv/video/170873?t=1h33m7s

Expanded Social Integration
What started with Facebook has now been expanded to Twitter. You can now easily connect your twitter account to hitbox and as a streamer push messages directly through your dashboard.

XSplit Integration
Setting up your livestream using XSplit has just become a whole lot easier, thanks to the direct integration of hitbox into the XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster. You can find all the infos in our help section.

Coming Soon
Of course it doesn’t stop there. We are working hard on new features and improvements. Some of what you can expect soon is:

  • Further updates to the social integration (more social networks, more features)
  • First release of the iOS mobile app
  • Further improvements to the recordings section

Challenger FaceOff – 2-Day Special

hitbox Challenger FaceOff 2-Day Special

The hitbox Challenger FaceOff is back with a 2-Day Special!
This Sunday, June 29th, starting at 11am GMT, we’ll have a BO1 round-robin groupstage between four of the very best League of Legends Challenger Teams:

11am GMT n!faculty vs. UOL
12pm GMT NIP vs. n!faculty
1pm GMT NIP vs. UOL
2pm GMT UOL vs. Gamers2
3pm GMT Gamers2 vs. n!faculty
4pm GMT NIP vs. Gamers2

On Monday, June 30th, starting at 4pm GMT the top 2 teams will move into the upper-bracket and the other 2 teams will move into the lower-bracket of a double elimination tournament, with the Grand Finals being played as a BO3.

4pm GMT Winners Finals
5pm GMT Losers Semi-Finals
6pm GMT Losers Finals
7pm GMT Grand Finale

As always, you can follow the action on multiple channels with different language casters, with the main, english channel being hosted by KaosTV.

So tune in, live! it up and cheer for your favourite team!

The EB Stream Charity Marathon for The American Diabetes Association

ADABanner 4

TheEBStream has been a mainstay as a group of streamers doing regular charity marathons to support good causes for quite some time now.
Yesterday they kicked off their first special charity event on hitbox, filled with awesome streamers, tournaments, giveaways and of course the goal to donate as much as possible to a charitable organization: The American Diabetes Association!

The event will run at least until the 30th of June and some of the actionpacked things you can expect are:

  • Mario Kart 8 Tourney (for fun)
  • Retro Racing (For fun)
  • Puzzle Fighter Tourney (1st place: $100, 2nd place: $30, 3rd place: $20 prize)

The full schedule can be found right here.
So tune in, live! it up and show your support!

The EB Stream around the web

BountyHunter Asia Special

BountyHunter Asian Special

The BountyHunter Series is back with a brand new Dota2 installment and a special twist. This time around, the focus is turning from the usual European landscape and the King of the Hill format and shifting to the Oceanic region with a fullfletched tournament. The Bounty Hunter Asia Special will kick off on June 19th and will run through June 24th where eight of the top teams in the SEA community will battle for a prize pool set at $2,500. Tickets are available to access all of the action via the DotaTV client, which also includes the RaiQ Custom Courier.

The event will be a major follow up for the region having just wrapped up their International 4 qualifier with the main event right around the corner. As for a list of notable competitors, the TI 4 team Arrow Gaming will be on tap.
Here is a full list of all of the Teams Invited:

Arrow Gaming
Zero Latitude
Invasion eSports
Team Immunity

Different from the previous King of the Hill battles, this format has been switched to a Double Elimination tournament. It will include BO3 play for the Winners Bracket, BO1 Losers Bracket, with a BO3 LB final and the Grand Final featuring a BO5 series. The casting talent for this event in English will be Jonathan “Pimpmuckl” Liebig over on the main BountyHunter Series Channel. For those of you looking for more coverage of the event, additional languages and casters for Russian, Spanish, Malaysian and German will all be on hand for the event.

Prize Pool:
1st: 1500$
2nd: 700$
3rd: 300$

All the live action will begin on the BountyHunter Series Channels on June 19th starting at 6pm SGT / 12pm CEST. Opening day will feature Mineski vs. Immunity followed by a powerhouse matchup of MVP Phoenix vs. Scythe to make for an action packed two series set to start things off.

Community Highlights

Our community on hitbox is steadily growing and more and more members keep showing up, contributing to this project in awesome ways. We want to use this series to put the spotlight on those events and projects by people, who put a big chunk of their sparetime into making hitbox what it has always strived to become:
A streaming platform for the community, by the community.

Federal League

The Federal League is a new, european/german Dota 2 league split into 2 divisions for each region. Our partner nerdstar will cast the top matches from the german divisions each monday and thursday.

Today, monday the 9th of June, they will introduce the league and todays main event right out of their production studio, starting at 7pm CEST. The minds behind the league will be guests and the viewers will have a chance to win some awesome giveaways like gamekeys for some of the currently hottest games and league passes.


Battlefield VIP Knife HuntToday we have a Community Highlight Double-Pack!
First up is the Battlefield VIP Knife Hunt Event, organized and hosted by our partner JimPanse, taking place tomorrow, Friday 23rd of May starting at 6pm CEST.

The rules are quite simple: The community will get to connect to the event’s BF4 server and has to try to knife one of the VIP’s on there. Everyone has 15 minutes to do so and if you’re successful, you’ll get another minute on the clock to go for another one. If you end up on top, you will be able to snatch up one of these prizes:

  1. Nitrado 70 Slot Battlefield Server for 3 months
  2. Nitrado 32 Slot Battlefield Server for 3 months (if the stream reaches 1000+ viewers)
  3. Nitrado 32 Slot Battlefield Server for 3 months (if the stream reaches 1000+ viewers)
  4. 1TB Battlefield USB Harddisk
  5. 1TB Battlefield USB Harddisk

You can register using this Facebook Event and get a more detailed walkthrough of everything by JimPanse himself in this YouTube Video.

hitbox Community Arma 3 Altis Life ServerThe second community driven project we want to shine a light on is the Arma 3 Altis Life Community Server created the hitbox streamers Danjio and EscaFlow.
Everyone with Arma 3 and interest into the mod Altis Life is free to join the server under the IP: or filter the servers and search for hitbox !


What they offer :

  • Whitelisting hitbox streamers
  • Advertisement for donating streamers
  • Regular updates and bugfixes
  • Dual language police
  • Realistic Roleplay
  • Custom Map
  • Hidden treasurechest!!!

Future updates :

  • Economy system
  • Housing
  • New Jobs
  • Events
  • More map updates

If you need more information visit their homepage or follow them on Twitter!


IGM 8-Bit SaluteOur parnter, the Indie Game Magazine, is hosting a special charity stream, called 8-Bit Salute, to support the Operation Supplydrop.

Together with their Indie Armada Streamteam and other streamers from our community and starting this Friday, May 23rd at midnight EDT, they will bring you 24 hours of awesome gaming content for a good cause.

The stream will be hosted on the main IGM hitbox channel, so come aplenty or join their 8-Bit Salute Charity Team and start your own stream to show your support. Of course any donations are highly appreciated!


meowbotJames “Ertzel” has been on hitbox since 2013. Back then we had a severe lack of chat bots created by the community, so he took it upon himself to create one of the very first called meowbot.

It´s still a work in progress but the featurelist is growing on a regular basis and it´s being used by quite a few streamers.  Check meowbots profile yourself for a full list of commands.

Here´s what Ertzel has to say about it himself:
Meowbot was originally setup to only join one channel at a time. Once I got all of the basic connections setup for my own channel and some custom commands, I decided that this may be something other users would also want for their own channels. I then converted meowbot from javascript to Java and allowed it to join multiple channels and interact with them all.
Since then I have been getting feedback from the hitbox community who have been helping me test the bot and suggesting features and that is how meowbot has gotten to where it is now.
I plan on continuing to update and add more to meowbot and eventually would like to get a website setup for users to manage their meowbot commands, timers and emoticons instead of doing it all through the chat.”


/r/hitboxAlex “LevelPulse” has been one of the very first streamers to join the hitbox community and also one of the creators of the community driven /r/hitbox subreddit on Reddit. Together with draghin, iankparks, Jardbot and BroBQ he helps promote hitbox streamers and makes the community as lively as it is. Here´s more on the project, straight from LevelPulse himself.

“Hello, I’m Alex and I’ve been part of the streaming community for nearly four years. Since then I’ve built a small but friendly community along the way. It was hard at times, but it was worth it.
When I first heard about hitbox, it was from a friend saying how good it was. I decided to check it out and I was amazed how simple and clean it was. There was no delay, streams were smooth and not stuttering. When I first joined hitbox there wasn’t many people streaming but then I started contacting hitbox and I was so glad how friendly and helpful they were. If you ever had a problem you could email them and expect a reply in a day. These major aspects made me transition to hitbox.
I wanted to help the community out so I decided to make the subreddit /r/hitbox. My goal was to help streamers who needed help or just wanted an audience while they streamed, just like the way I started when I moved to hitbox. By doing this, we would be helping the community and making them feel welcome to hitbox. Since starting the subreddit we have managed to gain 50+ subscribers who are dedicated in sharing the streams, being active and helping fellow community members. We have also started a Weekly Discussion Thread on the subreddit which gets the community involved and together. It also lets us see how the majority of you moved to hitbox and why you did. This is a key feature in helping make your streaming experience more enjoyable.
My plan in the future is to make the Reddit page more user friendly and keep up building the community on it.”


hitbox MultiStreamSean “TheGamingMonkey” is a web developer and very active member of the hitbox community. Being those two things, he decided to expand upon the experience hitbox already delivers and make it possible for anyone to watch not only one but several streams in the same browsertab and keep up with multiple chats.

On top of that the site features a directory of hitbox streamers, a point reward system with a leaderboard and a handy list of emoticons available on hitbox, with more features added on a regular basis. So go check out his MultiStream site, watch his personal hitbox stream and follow him on twitter for news and updates.

We are very happy to see our community not only active on the hitbox platform itself, but also using the tools we provide through our API and come up with awesome projects like this.


 Gamers Doing GoodThe honor of being the first in this highlights section belongs to a special project by one of our streamers. He will be turning 24 this coming weekend and instead of going out and celebrating in a more traditional manner, he decided to use the occasion to start a 48 hour marathon stream dedicated to the Childs´s Play charity.

It´s called “Gamers Doing Good“, more infos on it can be found on his website, and any support will be highly appreciated. Be it by just joining the stream to Live! it up or actually chipping in and donating.

“Gamers Doing Good is just a bunch of gamers doing, well, good.  We’ll be hosting a 48-Hour Gaming Marathon for Child’s Play from January 10th to January 12th.  While we play, we also have a few games to give away to encourage viewers to join us!”
Michael Branch

the indiE3 project


It’s hard to put into words what the indie gaming community has come up with in just a few days. An idea that got started on twitter and has since been spreading like a wildfire, called indiE3.

Looking at how much the indie gaming scene has grown in the past couple of years, it actually comes as a surprise that this hasn’t been put together sooner and looking at the reception it has been getting, it seems like everybody has just been waiting for this to finally happen.

I’m of course talking about a week of introducing, talking about, developing and celebrating indie games. Deliberately coinciding with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), it will give a platform to everyone involved in the indie game scene, right here on hitbox.

What to expect
Starting on June 9th with a full day of just news-awesomeness. Games will be announced, trailers shown off and everybody will have a chance to settle in and buckle up for a week of indiE3 ahead.

June 10th-15th will then be crammed full of content. While one stream will be dedicated to panels, another one will bring you the indiE3Jam, a 5 day challenge to develope a game, with all of them being presented on the final day of the show. On top of all that you will see tournaments and all kinds of other action going on.

The full schedule for the event can be found on our partner’s (IGM) website: http://www.indiegamemag.com/indie3-full-activities-schedule/

Tune in
We are happy to say that all of the livestreams can only be found on hitbox.
So tune in to the indiE3 team and as always: Live! it up

indiE3 around the web
hitbox Streamteam
Official Twitter
Official Tumblr

The monthly guide to hitbox updates for 05.2014

Updates for March 2014

The past month saw another round of awesome new features and much need improvements. As always your feedback is what helps us pinpoint what you want most, so we can focus on exactly that. So let’s get right into it:

Two brand-new ingesting destinations
To improve upon our infrastructure, we recently introduced 2 new ingesting locations. The first being in the UK, the second in South Korea and those can be reached by using the following RTMP adresses:


South Korea

Social Connections
In the first step to incorporate social media platforms, you are now able to connect your facebook account to hitbox, giving you the option to post to either your personal wall and/or any of the facebook pages you manage right via your dashboard.

Updated Players
The livestream videoplayer has been overhauled, getting rid of the flash-controls and replacing them with HTML5/Javascript-controls. Not only do they now look like a more integral part of hitbox, the performance was increased in the process and a couple of improvements were included as well.

Native Chromecast Support
As one of the first streaming platforms we included native chromecast support to our livestreams. It’s now as easy as clicking an icon in the player to instantly transfer any livestream from your PC to your TV.

To make it easier to support your favourite streamers, we included more payment options to all the channels that have a sub-button and to give you that special little something, implemented a better alert system when someone subscribes a channel.

Chat improvements: Slowmode
If you are a broadcaster or mod in a channel you now have access to the slowmode feature right through the Chat-UI. This will make it a lot easier for you to keep the heated streaming sessions, with a chat full of people cheering you on, under control.

Chat improvements: Sticky Message
We’ve seen the Polling feature being used not just to actually let the viewers vote on anything in particular, but also to send out informations to everyone in chat. Reason enough to make this a separate feature, now accessible via your dashboard!

The gameslist saw a round of improvements, now making it easier to be navigated and finding all the livestreams for your favourite games.

New Account Page
Your personal Account page on hitbox got a major overhaul, giving you easier access to the settings and adding the option to opt-out of any email notifications.

Coming in June

  • Further improvements to the Chat-UI
  • Raffle/Giveaway Feature
  • Twitter integration and automatic posting when going live
  • Major improvements to the recordings/videos section
And yes, the Mobile App is almost done.
Here’s a sneakpeak from our current alpha tests!

hitbox Mobile Apop

Arena LAN Center joins the hitbox partner family

Arena LAN Center
We are happy to not only have found another great addition to our partner family with the Arena LAN Center, but also our first partnered “offline” hub for gamers, eSports enthusiasts and streamers alike.
“Arena LAN Center is excited to be given the opportunity to have our select gamers stream on hitbox.tv as the Arena Gaming Center Team.  Our community of gamers covers the full spectrum from those who come in to game for fun all the way to those who compete in organized tournaments.”
From their humble beginnings, they have grown into a prominent hub for gaming at a competitive level by offering the latest in cutting-edge technology to keep up with the fast pace of today’s online gaming world.  Their facilities, conveniently situated in a prime location to serve the greater Daytona Beach, Florida (US), area, are equipped with a wide array of high end gaming rigs as well as a fleet of Xbox 360s, all online via an ultra high-speed connection to cater to their gamers’ needs.
To make their gArena LAN Centeruests feel at home, their interior design incorporates that which appeals most to gamers: a comfortable, casual environment to game in, graphics and artwork of the coolest game titles, a variety of affordable snacks and beverages for quick refueling between matches and futuristic neon lighting all add to the welcoming atmosphere they strive to maintain at Arena LAN Center.  Their hourly, weekly and monthly rates are competitive and their highly talented staff immerse themselves in the gaming community in order to keep a lookout for the newest titles that their guests want.  Constantly looking for new ways to expand their operations, they frequently hold launch day events for highly anticipated titles and expansions, offering prize drawings and raffles as an incentive to participants.  At Arena LAN Center, they strive to maintain the ideal setting for any gamer, regardless of what their preferred medium might be.
“We are looking forward to providing our viewers incredible gaming entertainment via the great venue of hitbox.tv’s streaming hub. We appreciate the opportunity to become part of and help expand the North American hitbox.tv community of gamers and spectators.”

Check out all their streaming action:

The Arena LAN Center on the web:

Thank you for 25.000 with 25 days of awesomeness!


Recently we reached 25.000 likes on our Facebook Fanpage and we want to celebrate this special occasion with those who made this possible and keep supporting us:
You, our community!

So starting this Sunday, the 25th of May and lasting for 25 days, all our partners will receive 25% higher CPM’s while all our viewers will get a 25% discount on the first month of any new channel subscriptions. Of course the discount will be covered by hitbox and our partners will still get the full amount from every new subscriber!

Community Charity Stream-Marathon to support the TBDA


It’s always great to see our community come together and organize special events to support a good cause. Case in point the upcoming stream marathon, organized by the lovely Bonnie “squeakyb” Burgette and hosted by Wolf Pack Gaming to support the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance, which is dedicated to providing protection, prevention, and potential treatment information about Lyme disease, among other tick-borne diseases.

The stream will start on Friday, May 16th at 12AM EST / 6AM CEST and will run all the way through Sunday, May 18th. 72 hours of gaming and community, featuring 24 streamers, all right here on hitbox. Here’s the full schedule.

Our partners and friends from the Indie Game Magazine will support the event with a ton of giveaways in the form of gamecodes, going out to all those that help with monetary contributions. Of course all the proceeds will go directly to the TBDAlliance.

hitbox has decided to help out as well and will donate 100% of the stream’s generated ad revenues. On top of that we will open our pockets and make an additional donation, based on how many people make it to the stream and stay to watch. So even if you can’t donate yourself, come by and stay for a while. It helps!

The monthly guide to hitbox updates for 04.2014

Minecraft Challenge

April has seen another batch of major and minor releases, drastically improving the experience on hitbox with new features and adapting existing ones with the community feedback in mind.

The biggest update to what hitbox has to offer was the inclusion of a subscription feature. Giving selected partners an additional form of monetizing their content and users shiny badges to show off and custom emotes to liven up the chat.
This was just the first of many releases for a featureset we want to greatly expand upon in the future. Stay tuned for further improvements.

Something that directly ties in with the subscriber features came in the form of an updated UI for our chat. Subscribers get a badge, unique to the channel they support, while Mods, Admins and the hitbox staff got better visibility.
The chat-backend saw another round of improvements to ensure all our users can hang out with their friends and likeminded gaming fans, no matter what system they are on or how many users are on the site.

A brand new menu entry made it onto the site, called “Connections”.
This page gathers all the infos on who you follow, who follows you and your subscriptions.

Thanks to GiantBomb our gameslist now spans multiple thousand entries, giving you instant access to both the newest games and also classics, going back to the good, old NES days.
Additionally we included the “Art”, “Podcast”, “Game Development” and “Live Show” entries, so you can properly label your gaming related streams that aren’t strictly gameplay, but make the broadcasts we have on hitbox as diverse as they are today.

Changes made based on your feedback
A couple more features we included because of your feedback were the ability to change the capitalization of your usernames, adapt the display name of your teams and change your streamkey with the ease of a button press.

Coming up
This brings us straight to the major features coming up within the next couple of weeks.

The chat frontend will see more updates, taking into account your feedback and giving you access to functionalities that will make it possible to customize the look of the chat to your personal needs and preferences.

The whole recordings section will receive a major rework. Primarily from a backend perspective, to ensure the performance is where it needs to be and to make it easier for you to create your VoD’s and show off your highlights.

Last but not least we just went into warp 10 with developing the first version of an official hitbox mobile App for Android and iOS. More infos to come, but rest assured, we hear you when you tell us you want it as soon as possible. We will give it our everything to make it happen as soon as possible.

The featured image for this months edition of the update blogpost comes from one of the builds for the hitbox Minecraft Challenge. When we started this special, month-long event, we had no idea how mindblowingly awesome the builds you can come up with would become. We are very excited to see more builds as the challenge draws to a close. Be sure to follow our facebook and twitter channels to see more glimpses of some outstanding builds.

What is happening in Norway? …insights by Team BX3


We proudly announce that the Norwegian eSports team BX3 is one of the recent additions to the hitbox family. It is a dedicated organization that cares at least as much about their community as we do. In that light we asked Stein Wilmann, one of the founders of BX3, to tell us a little more about their organization and to give us (and you) some insights into the Norwegian eSports scene

1.) How would you describe team BX3 in short?

BX3 is an Electronic Sportsclub. Its organizational structure resembles closely that of a regular sports club. This has been a focal point for us.

2.) How would you describe the status quo of the Norwegian esports scene?

The status of the Norwegian E-sports scene…well…. let’s label it developing, but highly promising. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in Norway, and I believe Norway has the fundamental societal structures and atmosphere to actually make E-Sports flourish on wider level.

3.) Are there any noteworthy recent developments? Where do you see its future heading?

There aren’t really any particular developments that stand out per se. Rather there has been a slow, but gradual continuation of development in terms of infrastructure. Most notably in the way clubs organize and carry out their business, but also in terms of a national association emerging. This coupled with recent mainstream interest for E-Sports in Norway has provided the Norwegian E-Sports scene with renewed vigor. The way I see it, it has been an ongoing process that has facilitated and incentivized individuals and organizations that work on the basis of long term goals.

4.) Any Norwegian teams, besides BX3, that you would consider as worth watching?

There are a couple of teams which I feel are “getting it” and making “right moves” in order to establish themselves as a recognized and noteworthy actor within Norwegian E-Sports. However I run the risk of neglecting people/organizations by making a list, so I would have to respectfully refrain from doing so.

5.) Are there any upcoming eSports events and/or tournaments in Norway that you would recommend?

There are always several LAN’s to attend in Norway. More specifically Polarparty and Sørlanet are LANs with a solid E-sports profile. There will also be some smaller E-sports based LANs on the west coast. Other than that i can say as much that there will be a good E-sports presence at SpillExpo 2014, however under a different banner as Eports Norway (ESN) is no longer a part of the Expo.

For the online bit, gamer.no – a Norwegian gaming portal, will be making a rather big splash into the E-sports scene starting this summer, so expect a lot from them.

6.) How would you describe the Norwegian gaming community? Would you say it is a big community in relation for a (population-wise) small country?

The Norwegian gaming community has always been large in terms of numbers. At times it has also produced world class talent in various games ranging from CS to SC2. The Norwegian gaming scene has also been inextricably tied to the various LANs events and most Esport activity up until recent times has revolved around some sort of offline based LAN event. This be either online qualifiers, and so forth.

7.) Last question, what are you plans or visions for team BX3? What can we expect in the future?

The vision for BX3 Elektroniske Sportsklubb has always been to provide a democratic, open, and wide-reaching organization that caters to a wide audience of gamers and fans. To this day we have stayed true to our original ambitions of establishing a club in which is owned in its entirety by its members. This is a concept we are currently developing further, and hope to see continued success with in the future.

The hitbox staff wishes BX3 all the best with achieving their goals!

If you are interested in watching BX3, check out their team page on hitbox.

Some of their popular streamers include:  Proxyfox , n3imad , Lifting , znik1 , r0ke

hitbox presents: Challenger FaceOff (updated)


We proudly announce that this Saturday, 12th April at 15:00 GMT (17:00 CEST / 11:00 am EDT / 10:00 CDT) the kick-off of our brand new League of Legends tournament “Challenger FaceOff” will take place.

In this new format, 8 Challenger and Top regional LoL teams are battling it out in “FaceOffs”.

The tournament consists of 4 challenges, whereas in each 2 teams play one BO5 for victory. Each challenge’s winner is immediately qualified for the Faceoff Playoffs which are played in single elimination. BO3 for semi finals and BO5 for the final. The 1st place of the Challenger Faceoff will take home in total USD 1.000, 2nd place USD 650, 3rd & 4th place USD 350.

For the kickoff we will see on Saturday, 12th April (15:00 GMT / 17:00 CEST) superstar Ocelote’s team Gamers 2 battling against the Turkish local heroes Dark Passage.

Sunday, 13th April (15:00 GMT / 17:00 CEST) we will have mousesports (formed back in 2002) facing off against Spanish local matador Karont3.

Wednesday, 23nd April (17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST) we will see Reign eSports (stepped in instead of Team Coast Gold) vs. Denial.EU

Another challenge will take place on Thursday , 24th April (17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST) with  n!faculty vs. Unicorns of Love

The semi-finals are scheduled for Monday, 28th April (17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST) and the spectacular final will take place on Tuesday, 29th April (17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST).

This series is co-produced together with none other than Kaos Industries, who are setting a benchmark in professional eSports production and broadcasting.

…. Stay tuned and get ready for the FaceOff!

Challenger FaceOff Main Page: http://www.hitbox.tv/team/ChallengerFaceOff

English Channel: http://www.hitbox.tv/ChallengerFaceOff
German Channel: http://www.hitbox.tv/ChallengerFaceOffDe
French Channel: http://www.hitbox.tv/ChallengerFaceOffFr
Portugese Channel: http://www.hitbox.tv/ChallengerFaceOffPt

 Read about Challenger FaceOff also on: http://lol.esportspedia.com/wiki/Challenger_FaceOff

BountyHunter Series: Virtus.Pro vs. Team DoG


Many of you asked for and it already was time… the BountyHunter Series is introducing its next round on Wednesday, 9th April, 3 pm GMT / 11 am EST.

Cloud9, the winner of the first two rounds, unfortunately had to step down as king of the hill:

“Unfortunately, this month, C9 will be stepping down as King of the Hill. There are too many events and too little time to defend the throne. Thanks to hitbox for having us and thanks for you guys for watching. We had a lot of fun playing in the tournament and hope to be back some other time.”
Charlie Yang – Team Manager Cloud9

We are looking forward to hopefully have them joining the tournament series again in the future as challenger, who wants to conquer the throne back.

Therefore we are introducing in this round two new teams who will battle it out to become the new king and take home the price of USD 1.000.

We have on the one side Virtus.Pro a team with a long history dating back to 2003, which created some buzz recently by beating Alliance and Sigma: 

“We are ready to fight! We, like no one else, need some honorable wins and glory.It will be an even and rough clash and let the best win!”
Dmitry olo)AsH Ugarov – Team Manager  Virtus.Pro

On the other side, we have the recently formed Team DoG consisting of former international top players, such as MiSeRy.

“A big thank you to hitbox.tv for inviting us to take part in the BountyHunter Series. Virtus.Pro has been doing well recently beating Alliance and Sigma. They only made one mistake, and that was to sign up to this match. Y’all going to be out in the dog house tonight. Rumble, VP, rumble!”
Ahmad “HyDra” AL-Saqarat – Team Manager Team DoG

We are excited to watch who will emerge as new reigning champion of the BountyHunter Series!

This event will be live broadcasted in the following languages by the following casters:

BountyHunter Series [EN]
Sheever, who casted the successful kick-off of the BountyHunter Series, is returning back as caster for the English channel.

BountyHunter Series [ES]
With great enthusiasm (as usual), the fan-favorite AntenaDota team will take care of the Spanish stream.

BountyHunter Series [DE]
Our very active partners Blacklight and Xen (GermanCopters) from the German community, will cover the stream in German.

BountyHunter Series [RU]
As a tradition, mob5ter will cover the Russian stream, which usually attracts a broad viewership.

BountyHunter Series [CN]
RoshanTV will again cover the Chinese stream, assuring that the BountyHunter Series is an event with a truly global reach.

Bringing Indie Games to hitbox together with IGM

IGM Special Relaunch EventWe are really happy to announce that the IndieGameMagazine recently became a part of our partner family! Together we want to bring you both streams and challenges straight from the indie games scene and give indie developers a chance to promote their projects on hitbox.

To kick things off and to celebrate the relaunch of the magazine, IGM will host a 24 hour marathon stream on April 1st, featuring a ton of games, somewhere around 1000 (yes, you read right, one thousand!) codes for games as giveaways and of course plenty of fun.

Together with IGM we will also breath some fresh air into the hitbox indie challenge series, which kicked off last month with the game Paranautical Activity. You can expect regular challenges for various indie games, featuring the awesome people behind IGM and the game developers themselves.

“IGM is ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with Hitbox in a joint effort to bring indie games into the spotlight on this exciting, emerging platform.
Streamers play a significant role in raising awareness about indie games, and we’re happy to do our part and support the continued growth of our industry.”
Vinny Parisi – IGM Editor-in-Chief

“The indie games scene is one of the most creative forces in todays gaming landscape. Oftentimes backed with the help of crowdfunding sites, developed with passion and more often than not in the sparetime and driven by a very strong community focus. Both IGM and hitbox work as a central hub for the community, making this partnership a perfect fit.”
Martin Klimscha – hitbox CEO

The IGM team on hitbox:

IGM around the web:

The hitbox Minecraft Challenge starts March 31st


No other game in recent memory has managed to capture the hearts of gamers, no matter their age, like Minecraft did. Starting it up for the first time often produces the same feeling you might have had while opening your very first Lego box. Everything is so simple, yet your options seem limitless.

With that in mind, it was easy for us to choose this game as the central hub for our brand new streamer challenge. Sticking with the Minecraft formula, it’s as easy to participate as it is to play the game.

  • Register on hitbox.tv
  • Enter the Challenge
  • Start your hitbox minecraft livestream
  • Build what you think would be the perfect hitbox headquarters

If hitbox had its headquarters in Minecraft, what would they look like?
Should it be a technical masterpiece, full of intricate machinery, flashy consoles and floating in space? A recently discovered temple of a long lost civilization? Inside a shopping mall in a zombie infested wasteland? A 100 story tall skyscraper, filled with all the latest gaming gear?
It’s up to you!

A $3000 prizepool is waiting, in 3 categories
Whatever ideas you come up with, stream the building process on hitbox during April and if you’re lucky, your finished creation will be nominated in one of the three categories:

  • Funny (the most hilarious builds, full of references, jokes and slapstick humour)
  • Functional (technical masterpieces, featuring levers, buttons, warpgates and other engineering feats)
  • Beautiful (jawdroppingly gorgeous builds that should be put on postcards)

Grand Finale
In a big livestream event, featuring our partner Bobospider, the creators of the builds and one or the other special guest, the viewers will get to vote on their favourite creation and the winner of each category will receive a $1000 prize, while all the nominees will get some special hitbox loot.

We will release more information in the coming days, leading up to the March 31st launch of the challenge.

The monthly guide to hitbox updates for 03.2014

Since our last blogpost on updates to our service a lot has been done, yet a lot is still in our development pipeline, actively being worked on. We want to make it a habit to keep you up to date on everything hitbox. Not just to inform you, but also to collect your feedback, as we try to adjust our priorities based on what our community has to say.

So let’s start things off by giving you a rundown on all the things that have been implemented and were improved upon in the past month.

US East PoP (Point of Presence)
Our infrastructure in America just got a massive boost by getting our datacenter in Washington DC up and running.  This means better ingesting options, more transcoding power and a big increase in storage for your recordings/videos.

Added Ingesting Servers
Seeing as the community on hitbox is coming from all over the world, we started to implement more and more ingesting servers across the globe to make sure all our streamers are getting the best connection possible to our service. The last month saw the introduction of an ingesting location in Sao Paulo/Brazil and another one in Amsterdam/Netherlands. Both can be accessed in OBS directly via its hitbox integration or via their respective RTMP URL in any other streaming software.

Sao Paulo
OBS: South America
Others: rtmp://live.gru.hitbox.tv/push

OBS: EU North
Others: rtmp://live.ams.hitbox.tv/push

New Chat Backend, more Frontend Features
As mentioned time and again, the stability of our service is our #1 priority, the chat of course being part of that. It is built from the ground up on HTML5/Websockets, which of course is an ongoing effort. We collected all your feedback since we went live with hitbox in October 2013 and are happy to announce that we just released a completely overhauled backend to the chat.
The focus was to increase the reliability along some much needed fixes and improvements.

On top of that we introduced a slew of new features, especially geared towards the moderation of channels. The most important addtions are:

  • Adaptations to the dynamic chat throttle to limit spam and abuse
  • The Kick feature got “kicked” and replaced with a Timeout feature. Admins and Mods can place a Timeout on a user, which will last for 10 minutes. During that time, this user won’t be able to actively chat, but will still be able to read chat
  • Character-Limit on chat messages has been raised to 300 from previously 140
  • Besides a normal ban, which restricts the access of a single hitbox user to a channel, we added the ability to IP-ban, which is available to admins (broadcasters) only. This means that you can restrict the access of an IP to a channel, making it impossible for someone to join your channel again with another hitbox username. Use this with caution, as more users may be in your channel with the same IP address!
  • Past messages from banned/timed-out users will be deleted
  • Admins and Mods can now post actual links. Links posted by viewers will no longer be removed, but will be unclickable.
  • A lot of minor improvements

Over the next couple of days and weeks the chat will be closely monitored, all the while we work on bringing you more and more frontend updates.

In February we introduced the out-of-the-box polling integration to our chat and streamers and viewers alike have been all over it. It’s been used on all kinds of occasion, both by big streams like our own BountyHunter Series down to the smallest channels.

Profile Customization
With the addition of both the markdown feature for your profile description as well as the ability to add an offline picture, you recently got two very important and useful tools to customize the appearance of your channel. Here are a few examples of what our community has come up with so far:

m00sician BroBQ  ChatPlays


Improved Team Functionality
The most important features are now fully integrated and improved upon and we’ll implement further functionality into this section with future updates.

Cooming Soon
We will continue to update and improve our service nonstop. Some of the features coming in soon are:

  • Subscriber Function
  • A LOT of improvements and updates to the chat frontend functionality (yes, including new emotes!)
  • Massively updated Gameslist
  • Adapt your Screenname
  • Several updates in the statistics section, including Revenue Stats for our Partners
hitbox Officeoffice2
Oh, and we moved into our brand new office!

A BIG welcome to the Copenhagen Wolves


We are truly excited to announce that the Copenhagen Wolves joined the growing hitbox partner family! As is the case with our previously partnered teams, they have a very strong focus on community driven events and content. Copenhagen Wolves, however, is the first organization partnering up with hitbox that has a League of Legends team in the League Championship Series (LCS EU).

Since their inception in 2009 their community-focus has helped them grow a very strong and loyal fanbase, who cheered them on to take the 1st place in prestigious events like DreamHack Summer 2013, Gfinity London 2013, Gamescom 2013 Season 4 Spring Promotion Qualifier and IEM Season VIII Cologne among many more in League of Legends and recently take the top 3 spots in the Copenhagen Games 2013 in Starcraft II.

Today we are extremely proud to expand the Copenhagen Wolves family by welcoming hitbox, a move aligning perfectly with our vision of not just being another eSport organization, because hitbox is not just another streaming service. After several meetings and introductions to their product, values and future visions it was perfectly clear that this was a match made in heaven. We have promised ourselves to offer our fans only the best, and hitbox will allow us to keep that promise. This partnership will also mean the introduction of several new joint features including a unique chance to play, interact and win prizes from our players when hitbox will host the first ever “Copenhagen Wolves Fan Night“. So make sure you go find our channel and subscribe right away if you dont want to miss out on any of the action.

Jakob Lund Kristensen – CEO, Copenhagen Wolves

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with the Copenhagen Wolves, especially as we are big fans of their attitude and their vision. They are a very dedicated and professional eSports organization that wants to push eSports in the Nordics and globally to the next level. The high value they put on their fans and the strong mindset towards creating a valued and respected brand makes it clear, that this a 100% perfect fit between our two organizations. To the whole Copenhagen Wolves team and fanbase, a BIG welcome! To our users, I can highly recommend to watch out for the new formats the Wolves are going to introduce.
Martin Klimscha – CEO, hitbox.tv

Check out the Copenhagen Wolves Team page on hitbox, where you will find their current and future channels:

The Copenhagen Wolves around the web:

“hitbox Torneio dos Legends” kicked off this week


We are happy to announce that the 18th edition of the Brazlian League of Legends Tournament “Torneio dos Legends” (Legends` Tournament) had its kickoff beginning of this week on hitbox. Different from its earlier editions this one is taking place during a full month and has 128 Brazilian teams attending.  All the games from the second round are going to be broadcasted live in the LegendsBR hitbox Channel. (www.hitbox.tv/legendsbr

The tournament is taking place from 3rd till 29th of March 2014 and there are matches from Monday to Friday 20:00 to 23:00 (Brazilian Standard Time = 23:00 to 2:00 GMT).  “hitbox Torneio dos Legends” is organized by the LegendsBR event organizer and Brazilian LoL community evangelist Max Pita (https://www.facebook.com/MaxPitalol). 

“I am not doing this tournament to just have a comeback with the LegendsBR tournaments but to introduce a controversial way of thinking for Brazilian, even global eSports event organizors. With a very different schedule – a tournament that solely takes place during week days – we are avoiding conflicts with other Brazilian events and offer our viewers to watch a high-class tournament every day. I expect to have this kind of tournament continuing permanently with League of Legends and even want expand it to other games like Hearthstone and possibly to new games coming up, such as Heroes of the Storm. The ultimate goals is to create good Game streams, to be equivalent to a good TV show, but online” 
Max Pita, LegendsBR 

Torneio dos Legend is casted in Portuguese by Cladofi (https://www.facebook.com/cladofi) and GrYllO (https://www.facebook.com/GrYllO). The tournament has support not only by Hitbox but also Ozone, Boa Compra UOL, and XFire. 

The Rules of the Game: 
-Single  Elimination  (5 on 5)  – Start Mode:  Best-of-one until the finals 
- The grand final  will be  Best-of-three 

1st Place:  R$1000,00 (~500 USD) + 5 mouses (Ozone Neon) + 5 mousepads (Ozone Lepton) + 5 packs of 3200 Riot Points + Skin Ryze Triumphant 
2nd Place: 5 Headsets (Ozone Rage ST) + 5 packs of 2400 Riot Points 
3rd Place:  5 Mouses (Ozone Xenon) + 5 packs of 1400 Riot Points 
4th Place:  5 packs of 650 Riot Points 

Tournament Website: 

Watch it live! on hitbox: http://www.hitbox.tv/legendsbr

BountyHunter Series: Cloud9 vs. TeamLiquid

BountyHunter Series: Cloud9 vs. TeamLiquid

In our kickoff to the BountyHunter Series, SpeedGaming (now part of Cloud9), were able to crown themselves king of the hill with a decisive victory over Fnatic in a straight 3-0 match.

As mentioned in our previous blogpost, this first round was not only a success for Cloud9, but also for the BountyHunter Series as a whole, with tens of thousands of viewers following the action live on six channels, covering six languages.

We also got a lot of feedback from the community on who should face off against Cloud9 in Round 2 and we are happy to announce that we found a worthy opponent in TeamLiquid.

“The last few times we´ve played against our brother HyperX team, Cloud9, it´s been some incredibly tense games. One of the most fearsome opponents in the scene, but that won´t stop us from claiming the throne in the BountyHunter Series.
Robin Nymann – Team Manager TeamLiquid

“We’re excited to defend our bounty against Team Liquid this week. They’re always a strong team and we’ll be sure to provide exciting matches. We look forward to the Bo5 and drinking Bulba’s tears.”
Charlie Yang – Team Manager Cloud9

You can look forward to another Best-Of-5 set between two of the most prominent Dota 2 teams in the eSports scene right now and covered by some of the best casters in the business.

Speaking of which, here´s a rundown of all the channels and their respective casters hosting this special event. Go ahead and follow the BountyHunter channels right away, so you´ll be notified the minute they go online, this Friday the 28th of February at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST, and you won´t miss anything!

BountyHunter Series [EN]
The main, English channel. This time around brought to you by none other than LD and Merlini.

BountyHunter Series [ES]
Next up we have the Spanish channel. The fan-favourite AntenaDota team will take care of that stream.

BountyHunter Series [DE]
For our German speaking community, Blacklight and Xen from GermanCopters will have you covered.

BountyHunter Series [RU]
Our friends from Russia will get to experience all the hype with mob5ter on the casting decks.

BountyHunter Series [CN]
XiiTuzi and sdn from RoshanTV will cover the Chinese stream with a lot of charme.

BountyHunter Series [SEA]
Last but not least we will have Tsunami Nori from The MMS Studio covering the South East Asian territory with a Vietnamese cast.

tRICKED becomes a part of the hitbox family


tRICKED joining the ranks of our partner family makes us not only happy, but proud. They might be best known for their Dota 2 team, recently taking second place at Assembly Winter 14, but their primary goal is to further eSports and the great community behind it.

This shines through in their decisions on what teams and players to pick. Not long ago they included a League of Legends Academy team to their roster and also show support for the sportsfans, with having some of the best FIFA14 players on board.

“This cooperation gives us an unique opportunity to rapidly expand our fanbase. It lets our players conncect with their fans in a more casual manner. We believe that hitbox.tv’s new platform can help revolutionize eSport in general; so it’s a perfect match and a partnership we are proud of. Hopefully, it will help to give us the means to invest even more in Danish eSport and esport in general.”
Morten Høj Jensen – CEO tRICKED

Welcome tRICKED, let´s Live! it up together

The tRICKED team on hitbox:

tRICKED around the web:

BountyHunter Series KickOff: A Success!

BountyHunter Series

The kick-off event featuring Fnatic vs. SpeedGaming (now Cloud9) was not only a very exciting match, but also a full success across the board!

Delivered not only on the main English channel by the casters Sheever and 1437, but also in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German and Vietnamese on additional channels, brought the hype to as broad an audience as possible.

This being our first bigger official eSports event, we are happy to say that our infrastructure pushed through and except for a few minor hickups, our services were running stable throughout the event. Only our viewercounter decided to quit on us a few minutes into the match, but after going through our logs we are thrilled to say that the actual numbers blew our expectations out of the water.

40.000 concurrent viewers across all channels and
100.000 unique viewers on hitbox that day
raised the bar quite high and we hope to raise it further with the next match in this series.

Speaking of which:
Who would you like to see face off against the winner of our first match? Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook and we´ll try to make it happen!

As you can see, we kept this blogpost spoilerfree, so anyone who wasn´t there to witness the event Live! can go back to the archive and watch the VoD´s of the match.

hitbox presents: BountyHunter Series

BountyHunter Series

The new date is set. Start your hype engines, because this Saturday, February 8th at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST this match is going down!

“We’re excited to be part of this event and it’s always cool to see new platforms come up. We look forward to playing Fnatic this weekend, they’re always a really strong opponent and we hope you enjoy the matches.”
Charlie ‘Monolith’ Yang – Team Manager Speed Gaming

“We are looking forward to play Speed in a best of 5 match for this King of The Hill series. They are a great team and always a tough opponent so it’s going to be intense.”
Adrian ‘Era’ Kryeziu – Carry Fnatic

We proudly announce that this Friday, the 31st of January at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST on hitbox.tv/BountyHunterSeries, will see the introduction of our Dota 2 King of the Hill “BountyHunter Series” for which we invited two of the best teams to go head-to-head for a chance to win $1000.

On one side we have Fnatic, a team with a longstanding tradition in eSports, existing since 2004 and winning multiple tournaments in a variety of games.
On the other side there is Speed Gaming, a very new team, formed at the end of 2013, but already making big waves in the competitive scene.
The last time those two teams faced off was in the round robin pools of the MLG Championship Columbus, where Fnatic was able to edge out a win, while Speed Gaming went on to win the whole tournament.
Of course an event like this wouldn´t be as much fun without professional casters, hyping the viewers and filling you in on the details of even the most hectic of plays during the matches. We are happy to say that we got those bases covered by Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden and Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai on the main english channel and Nanito “Nanito” Morillas and Cristian “Spectrum” Dibeh on the spanish channel.
So without further ado, go to hitbox.tv/BountyHunterSeries for the english cast and hitbox.tv/BountyHunterSeriesES for the spanish cast, hit that follow button and most importantly:
Let´s get ready to… Live! it up

Indie Challenge Series #1: Paranautical Activity


There´s hardly a scene as dedicated and passionate as that of indie games. Built with little to no budget, this genre has seen quite a few gems we wouldn´t want to miss in our games library.
Some of those we want to highlight in our Indie Challenge Series, featuring not just indie titles, but also streamers from our community, hosting each edition of this series of special events. Of course there will be some giveaways, goodies and prices along the way for you to win.

The first of many
The kick off challenge is brought to you by the lovely hananahammock and features the very addictive Paranautical Activity. A game that cought our attention watching her streams and spread like a wildfire through our whole office. A unique artstyle, oldschool FPS gameplay, as random and difficult as modern roguelikes and overall just a ton of fun make this the perfect game for a community challenge.

How can I participate?

  • Stream the game on hitbox
  • Create a highlight VoD of your favourite moment with our editing features in the recordings section of your hitbox account
  • tweet out the link to your highlight VoD using the hashtag #hitboxIndieChallenge

Together with hananahammock and Mike “SpooderW” Maulbeck, the man behind the game itself, we will choose our 10 favourite clips.

But I don´t have the game yet!
You can buy Paranautical Activity easily via Steam or the Humble Store. We do however have a handfull of gift-codes for the game we will give away via our twitter @hitboxlive in the coming days. So make sure to follow us!

The grand finals
On Saturday, February 15th at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST, we will host a special stream casted by both SpooderW and hananahammocks. Not only will they walk you through the brand new content patch for the game and show off the final 10 highlights, we will also introduce our brand new polling feature for hitbox. Which means that you will be able to vote on your favourite Paranautical Activity highlight right then and there. The top 3 will each receive a pair of Gamers Edge gaming glasses provided by VC Eyewear.

Joining forces with Denial eSports


We want to give our warmest welcome to Denial eSports, who are joining the ranks of the hitbox family as one of our partners. Looking at their history, it seems like the perfect match.

All it took was two friends, who are passionate and competitive gamers, to start this ambitious project called Denial eSports, and grow it from a Smite team, to a whole network of professional gamers, spanning multiple games and genres. “Happy players make profitable companies” is their motto. So it´s no surprise that their staff and their players keep a close relationship and all of them have strong ties to the community.

With teams in Smite, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, Guild Wars 2, Tribes: Ascend, CoD: Ghosts and Fighting Games, a group of hype casters and regular hosted tournaments, you can expect a plethora of action packed streams coming your way, exclusively on hitbox!

“We at Denial eSports have always been committed to giving our players the best tools, and opportunities to succeed in the gaming world.  It is with this goal in mind that we are thrilled to be working with hitbox.tv.  The platform has been shown to provide incredible stream quality, and many opportunities for growth.  As our streamers move over to hitbox, fans can expect an increased level of high quality content from all of our players, and personalities, and we are grateful to hitbox for making it all a possibility. “
Michael Chapman – CMO Denial eSports

“After getting to know the team behind Denial eSports and their philosophy, this partnership became something we were very much looking forward to. The focus on a team and a community that is built on close relationships and friendship makes us confident that this endeavour can´t be anything but successful. We are not only happy to see their large roster of professional players streaming exclusively on hitbox, but also excited to closely work together on future projects.”
Martin Klimscha – CEO hitbox

The Denial eSports team on hitbox:

Denial eSports around the web:

An update to our streaming service and a look into the future

We are happy to announce further improvements to our streaming service, which have been implemented today. We were able to bring down the delay between streamer and viewer to a maximum of 5 seconds across the board, and going as low as 2 seconds. If you are watching a stream that has transcoding (quality options) enabled, the highest quality setting will give you a maximum delay of 5 seconds, while switching to lower quality settings will result in no more than 10 seconds of delay.
We know how important the ability for streamers is to interact with their viewerbase and will gladly put extra effort into shaving off any second of delay, if we find the possibility to do so… because every second counts!

Seeing as we are still in beta, a ton of features are still in development and will be released over the course of the next couple of months. We wanted to give you a little more insight into the goodies that we are currently working on and will be implementing shortly.

First and foremost we are constantly putting extra effort into the stability of our video and chat service. The most integral part of our site should receive the most attention from us, and that is what´s happening. We won´t rest until every single streamer and viewer is happy with the experience on hitbox.

Profile Customization
Up next are a lot of additional customization features for your profiles. Updates will include:

  • the option to use links, pictures and text formatting in your profile text
  • setting an offline picture for your stream
  • change the capitalization and add spaces in your screenname

Another update that has been requested a lot of times is to expand upon our gameslist. That is why we are happy to say that a massive update is incoming very soon. With the help of the very popular GiantBomb gamedatabase, every title you could wish for can soon be found in our gameslist.

Our recently released emotes are a huge success. Sunglassed smilies are playing it cool while #sushi is about to become a thing. We are eager to release more emotes into the wild, but we also want to give each streamer as much choice and flexibility as possible. Therefore any future emotes released will be coming in packages, which can be turned on/off for any channel by its respective owner (the streamer).

Last but not least we have some good news for our American streamers and viewers. A dedicated server location (PoP) on the east coast is just a few more weeks away. Expect more news on that soon.

And of course: Thank you!
For all your feedback, for being active in our community, for sticking with us while we work our way out of beta and for all the great streams you produce every day. hitbox is but an idea that is only made a reality by each and every one of you.

Reason Gaming and hitbox partner up

Reasong Gaming and hitbox partner up

With 9 years of history in the eSports sector, Reason Gaming is one of its premiere organisations within Europe. As such, we are very excited to announce our partnership.

Our ever-growing community can look forward to great quality gameplay action from Reason Gaming´s competitive teams in League of Legends, DotA 2, Counter Strike:GO, Starcraft 2 and Shootmania. We have our fingers crossed for their future endeavours in upcoming leagues, events and matches and will support them on their way to the top!

“Streaming gameplay is one of the largest factors surrounding the rapid growth of the esports scene. It makes watching your favourite games and teams and learning new games more accessible to a wider audience. Our new partnership with hitbox.tv gives us the platform we need to reach all of our fans and allow them to watch and communicate with our players. Hearing the ambition that hitbox.tv has about esports, this partnership confirms in my mind that this is the right move for us and joining a company like this in such an early part of their development is exciting as we have the pleasure of watching them grow, improve and succeed from a front-row seat.”
Adam Heath – Reason Gaming Managing Director

The Reason Gaming team on hitbox:

Reason Gaming around the web:

Introducing the hitbox partner program


Eventhough our partner program has been up and running for some time now, a site with an easy way to apply has been long overdue.

So without further ado we present to you: The hitbox partner program

And since this is all about our partners, why not let some of them tell you what makes this special.

“I chose to join the hitbox partner program, because I can easily livestream in high quality using their service. The support is always there to answer questions and give help when needed.”
R0ttby – Minecraft Streamer

“When I discovered hitbox I instantly knew that it was made with passion and love. The simple design, the great usability and the flawless streaming ability really convinced me that we have a great website with a lot of potential. To round this up, the support is awesome! All that together and we have a great website I want to support, that’s why I became a hitbox.tv partner!
m00sician – Let´s Play Streamer

“I love the user-friendly interface of hitbox and the ability to interact with my viewers fast and direct via the chat.”
gaNNicus96 – Minecraft Streamer

n!faculty joins the hitbox partner family

n!faculty2014 started off with a bang for hitbox, and we are very happy to have n!faculty on board as a new partner. The German team has a longstanding tradition not only in eSports but also as a huge supporter of the gaming community. No wonder they are a great fit for what hitbox stands for and wants to accomplish in the future.

Founded back in 1999, they now have several teams in League of Legends, Counter Strike:GO and other games, where they are playing on the highest level. Overall the n!faculty association has hundreds of members.

This should get you excited, because no matter whether you are looking for some professional eSports action or large events for the general gaming community, all of this and more can be found on hitbox now, provided by n!faculty.

“We are happy to announce that we will cooperate with hitbox.tv, a strong and ambitious partner who likes video games as much as we do. The cooperation is one of the first steps to improve the development of the n!faculty eSport club in this year, and all of its fans – and especially its club members – can be excited about what will happen in the future. A shoutout goes to the hitbox.tv staff which is doing a great job and we are looking forward to see the improvement, development and success of hitbox.tv.”
- Christian Kresse, CEO n!faculty

The n!faculty team on hitbox:

n!faculty around the web:

Challenge Completed

Live! it up Challenge Top10It´s been 8 weeks in the making and has been finished this past sunday: Our Live! it up Streamer Challenge. And what great 8 weeks this have been. Just to give you a small glimpse of the awesomeness that went down, feast your eyes on some of the stats:

1.700 streamer entered the challenge. They streamed for 20.000 hours and gathered 1.600.000 views and 1.150.000 messages written in the chat.

Everyone from the Top 10 list deserves a special mention, but our third place finisher “vonzay” needs to be put in the spotlight specifically. His plan is to invest all of his winnings into presents for the orphans of a local childrens home. We decided to help in his commendable cause and double his winnings!

The first and second place go to Gimper and Wideoprezentacje, who made it an exciting race to the top in the final days of the challenge.

As we are in the process of sending out the prices to the winners, including a very special limited edition hitbox t-shirt, we also want to give a shoutout to everybody who didn´t make the cut. There will not only be more challenges in the future, but also the possibility of getting into our partner program. If you managed to break the 100 average concurrent viewer count on a regular basis and put some time into streaming on our platform, make sure to write in to support@hitbox.tv. A dedicated section on our website, detailing the partnership program, will be coming soon as well.

And as always, remember to start your streams and Live! it up

Two months in updates

It´s been a little over two months now that hitbox.tv is online, which not only brought a lot of memorable streams but of course also a plethora of updates to the site.

Our most recent improvement package includes a completely revamped Video on Demand system. Everytime you go live with your stream, the footage is being recorded and sent straight to your  (fittingly named) “Recordings” page.


From here you can either download the whole thing or edit and then save it as a regular video, which will be added to your video archive on hitbox.tv.

The edit-mode makes it possible to trim recordings. If for example you want to highlight just a single portion of one of your streams, or split it up into a number of pieces, you can do this now with our handy video-editor.

As soon as you save one of your recordings, it´s going to show up in your “Videos” section. This not only means that your video can now be viewed by anybody, but also gives you additional options.

blog-videoytMost importantly you now can sync your hitbox.tv account with your Google+ account and push any videos you have in your archive directly over to your personal YouTube channel.

This is just a little excerpt of all the changes and improvements we have implemented over the course of the last two months and many more are coming! Right now we are working on expanding the functionality of our chat, which will start with the addition of more emotes.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter, as we constantly post news on updates.

Live! it up Streamer Challenge – Daily Highlights

Welcome to our special daily highlight section, where we want to put the spotlight on some of our personal favourite streamers on hitbox. Make sure to check them, because good content deserves to be viewed.

m00sician on hitbox

As we are almost in our final week of the Streamer Challenge, everybody is giving their best to get into the final top 10. So is m00sician from germany. Playing games since he was 6, he started streaming in 2008 and runs a well known Let´s Play channel on YouTube since 2011.

Today at 8pm CET he´s going to start a 24 hour marathon stream right here on hitbox. His plan is to not only stream the games he´s most known for (Animal Crossing and other big Nintendo franchises), but also mix it up with some games on the recently released Playstation 4 and XBox One, as well as playing whatever his streamers want to see from 11am until 8pm tomorrow!

So as always, tune in, enjoy the show and Live! it up


Yes, Romania has a Let´s Play scene and one of its most prolific members is Bobospider. In general he just enjoys playing games, be it the classics or the most recent releases. His YouTube channel has already quite a following and now he´s working on making the same thing happen for his stream on hitbox.

So join in, hang out (yes, he will also answer any questions you post in english) and Live! it up


It´s time to feature another streamer from Portugal, seeing as the portugese have enjoyed our service quite a bit during these past few weeks. fraglider is a project that started in 1999 and has since then become a household name in the Iberian Peninsula. Their focus lies on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DotA 2 these days and whenever a portugese team is involved in a tournament, you can be sure the guys from fraglider are around to stream it.

Eventhough nobody in our office speaks portugese, we still watched their stream quite a bit, because hype doesn´t need any translation and there´s a lot of that to be found whenever they go online!

So visit their channel, hit that follow button and Live! it up


Today we want to feature one of the many League of Legends players/streamers out there. Julien “KOPITZ” Dumoulin is already quite well known in the french gaming scene and is looking to build up an even bigger community around his streaming shenanigangs with his brandnew channel on hitbox. When he´s not busy having fun with playing and interacting with his viewers, you might find him streaming with Chips & Noi for that extra dose of awesomeness.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in, follow his channel and Live! it up.


LootingBodies on hitbox

Today we feature the streamchannel of LootingBodies, and for a good reason. Like hitbox, their project is all about the community. LootingBodies is comprised of Pro Gamers from across the globe who are all members of the Clan “Order of the Fallen”. They have dedicated players in Final Fantasy, Borderlands, Star Wars, Star Trek, Diablo, and play a large handful of other games. What will set them apart from other similar sites is that all revenue from their affiliates goes back into the site to cover products they will be giving away on the site as well as to be able to offer opportunities to gamers that otherwise might not be able to be a part of. This includes Tournaments, World Record Events and much more.

Right now they are doing a 1000 runs through the special Whimseyshire level of Diablo 3, which is quite a task. So tune in and Live! it up.

WassapLP on hitbox

We like the german Let´s Play scene and the german Let´s Play scene likes hitbox! One of the nicest streamers from this community is WassapLP. A 16 year old german girl who grew up with console and pc gaming, nowadays playing everything from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to Scribblenauts and with a special place for Assassins Creed in her heart.

She´s happy to invite her viewers into her multiplayer games and joins in with everybody on her TeamSpeak channel. So visit her channel, hit that follow button, be part of the fun and most importantly: Live! it up


FTWesports on hitbox

The streamers from portugal seem to like hitbox quite a lot. One of the many streams from this great european country comes from FTWesports. A multigaming eSports team that developes interactive eSports programs with top players, coaches, games analysis, overviews of events and interviews.

They already have a League Of Legends challenger team and top teams in CS:GO aswell as in other games. They are very focused not only in the best of players  but also in helping those who want to become the best by supporting a large community of new players with the proper formation, guides, game knowledge and objectives to help everyone to grow as a community.
Don’t miss out on their programs and streams, so tune in and Live! it up.


Daily highlight for November 5th, 2013

We´re back with a revamped blog design and our daily highlights for the Live! it up Streamer Challenge. Today´s shoutout goes to SamiGWD, a League of Legends player who started out with a Let´s Play and a Music channel on YouTube and got sucked into the world of MOBA´s, as so many others have these days.

He tries to incorporate his viewers into the streamexperience by inviting them into his games and answering any questions that come up in the streamchat. On those rare occasions when he needs a break from LoL, you can find him playing games like Garry´s Mod or The Binding of Isaac umong others.
Drop by his channel, say hi and hit that follow button, as he is streaming on an almost daily basis.

Aymbot on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 30th, 2013

Aymbot started out as a YouTuber, focusing on Minecraft and gathering quite a following there. Nowadays she´s more into Smite, clearing lanes, firing ultis and collecting that gold.

Luckily she does most of that live now, so you can follow the sweet-voiced british girl swearing her way up the ranks, all while answering each and every question that comes up on the streamchat und inviting viewers into her games.

So tune in, follow her on hitbox and Live! it up

CheesyCheeseJunkie on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 29th, 2013

Dominik “CheesyCheeseJunkie” Brill is another regular Smite streamer on hitbox. Besides leveling up in his roles as support and solo on mid and short lane, he´s known for doing speedruns in all kinds of games.

“Keep Calm and take it Cheesy” is his motto, so it´s no wonder that Chillstep makes up part of his playlist and almost nothing seems to disturb his mood. His goal is to entertain his (mostly german) viewers and have some fun doing so himself.

So tune in, Live! it up and enjoy his stream!

Supergmac on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 28th, 2013

This week is going to be all about Smite! Since a lot of Smite streamers have already found their way on hitbox and the SK Gaming guys are streaming their tournament victories in POV here, we thought it´s time to shine a light on this great community.

First up we have Supergmac. A Smite player who mains in support and solo, competes with his team in casual tournaments and is hellbent on become the best in his position and entertain his viewers as much as possible.

Tune in and Live! it up.

impaKt on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 27th, 2013

If you play League of Legends, you should know impaKt. His tutorial videos, the first of which was “Supporting in Team Fights”, are full of tips and tricks that come in handy during practically every single match. Oh, and he´s a Diamond I League of Legends player, so he knows what he´s talking about.

Make sure to check out his YouTube Channel, if you haven´t so far and of course tune into his livestreams on hitbox.tv. He´s been going at it almost daily this past week, with a lot of very enjoyable commentary and intense team-matches.



Daily highlight for October 26th, 2013

The VirtualDojo Vienna is the central hub for the austrian Fighting Game Community. It is comprised of a small but very dedicated group of people, who have started streaming on hitbox almost immediately after we went live with the beta.

Those guys rented out their own headquarters, filled it with gaming stations, fighting sticks and everything else you need to feel comfortable as a gamer and stream almost on a daily basis. Hardly a weekend goes by without one of their many ranking battles taking place, which brings not only quality content to their stream, but also some hype moments.

So go ahead, check out their stream, or better yet, visit them in Vienna and make a cameo on their stream yourself!

Tidus on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 25th, 2013
The first StarCraft 2 player/streamer who found his way to hitbox was Enrico “Tidus” Belke. Perfect reason to feature him as one of our daily highlights!
He´s part of Team TDG (The Dead Generation) and after some months of playing made it into Grandmaster League, streaming his games on an almost daily basis.
He´s an inventor of builds and always happy to show others how to improve their own game. So tune in and Live! it up on Tidus’ Channel.
Siente on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 24th, 2013

The very first CS:GO stream on hitbox was set up by Aleksandar “Siente” Zlatev, a 19 year old bulgarian gamer, who has been playing CS for years now. If you have been watching him, you already know that his playstyle is very aggressive. Taking care of the entry kills is his mission and searching for other CS:GO players who take the game as serious as he is to form a team, the goal he strives for. So tune in to his stream on hitbox and check out his ESL profile to follow Siente on his path to become an even better player and maybe turn pro in the future.

Bazeleel on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 23rd, 2013

Todays streamer for our daily highlights is Patrick Bazeleel Cannon, an ADHD ridden gamer with a tea addiction. He´s been into gaming since the day his father showed Pong to him, which he soon hopes to introduce to his own son.

He has been shoutcasting for over 12 years and is doing so right now to cover Guild Wars 2 for ArenaNet. Besides that you can find games like Dawngate, Awesomenauts and the occasional single player mayhem on his stream.

From November 1st till 17th he will host a special Thanksgiving Guild Wars 2 tournament, called the Apples and Axes Open Tournament. 16 teams will battle it out for a cashpool of 620$. You can register using this form and find all the rules and regulations in this googles doc file.

Follow him on Twitter @Bazeleel and of course on hitbox, so you can´t miss his great content!

Nurok on hitbox


Daily highlight for October 22nd, 2013

The next streamer we want to put a little spotlight on is Nurok. A 22 year old german League of Legends player, with a soft side for FPS games and known for drifting off into the world of MMOs like World of Warcraft.

He is constantly trying to push his plays onto new levels and supporting his team n!faculty as an AD-Carry. On his stream you can find high-level SoloQ and premade 5v5 games on challenger level. He´s keeping a constant eye on his streamchat to bond with his viewers and answer any questions that may arise.

Tune in, Live! it up, follow him and enjoy watching him destroying some lanes!



Daily highlight for October 21st, 2013

Our first special shoutout goes to HarryBarry, and for good reason. He´s been one of the first to stream on a regular basis on hitbox, right after we went live with the beta of the site, and has been a favourite in our office ever since.

He streams on an almost daily basis and mixes it up with a few different games, primarily focusing on Terraria, Minecraft and the balls-to-the-walls hard Dark Souls (for now). Recently he started the “SundayTalkx” series, in which he invites other fellow gamers and streamers for a small talkshow. They introduce games they started playing, revisit some of their gaming highlights from the past week and in general just have some fun.

This is one of the streams you might start watching because of a game you are interested in and then stay and become a regular viewer because of the streamer and his commentary. Witty, insightful and always to the point.

Oh, and did we mention he is (together with willkuer) responsible for this awesome recreation of our logo in Minecraft?

hitbox logo recreated in Minecraft



An introduction to our management

Hi folks!

This is Martin, CEO of hitbox. We have been online now for a few weeks with the beta of hitbox.tv, so I thought it was time to give you more insights into the management and the intentions behind hitbox.tv.

Our CTO, René, is our technical mastermind and has years of experience in the streaming business as he built up the core technology of own3D.tv and managed to create a platform which was considered one of the best at the time and delivered a service for thousands of streamers and millions of viewers. Being a hardcore gamer himself, his goal is to help eSports grow, to bring it in every livingroom not depending on where you are and to make it as big or even bigger than other sports. That was and still is his great vision.

Talking about myself, I bring a lot of financial experience to the table. I was working as a company auditor and as head of controlling in the headquarter of one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. I was responsible for the whole planning and controlling processes, for the groups strategy and the competitive market analysis.

René and myself have been good friends for a long time. By the end of 2012 he approached me as he saw his life´s work endangered. He asked me to have a look into the figures of own3D and to restructure the company if necessary.

Being an eSports fanatic myself and given the opportunity to work in such a great project, I didn’t hesitate a second and became their CFO. However it didn´t take long to find out that the company was in trouble.

I think you guys know the main reasons why own3D failed. The company didn’t manage to scale its business and to grow with its viewers and size. What exactly does that mean?

Let me put it in simple terms: Having millions of viewers creating massive traffic brings you tons of costs. The company lacked funding and was stuck in bad contracts. That led to cost savings on the employers end and thus to a poor income management.
High costs + low income = a big problem

Given this situation the owners and investors of own3D tried their best to sell the company and to pay out all debts to its customers. We worked days and nights to get that deal done but our main target company surprisingly stepped away after 3 months of negotiations and due diligence. René lost his life´s work and a lot of streamers their money.

However, we still believe in eSports and our vision and just love watching awesome live content, so René and me decided to build up a new live streaming site putting together both technical know-how and business experience right from the get-go.

We believe that competition is good, even if we just give an impulse to the existing players to improve their service.

Still in beta and tons of tasks ahead, we love what we do and hope you give us a chance to prove that we know what we are doing. Having a great investor as partner and a super experienced infrastructure team on board, we are convinced that we can offer you a stable and reliable service, with great usability and some awesome new features.

Halftime in our Live! it up Streamer Challenge

Our Live! it up Streamer Challenge has reached its halftime and so far it has been a full-on success. Here are a few numbers to feast your eyes on:

Of over 10.000 total registered users since we started the challenge.
More than 700 streamers entered the challenge.
They streamed for 5.000 hours.
Gathering more than 100.000 unique visitors.

That´s pretty impressive for a service that´s only been online for a little over 6 weeks, what do you think?

If you haven´t so far, register on hitbox and enter the challenge. The competition is getting fiercer every day, so build up your viewerbase while you still can for a chance to grab up to 3.500 € (almost 5.000 $).

Live! it up Streamer Challenge


Welcome to the first big community event on hitbox.tv.

This is for all you up and coming streamers out there. No matter whether you are starting fresh or have been able to gather a small following, this could become your big break.

The requirements for entering the challenge are quite simple:

hitbox employees, affiliates, partners and streamers sponsored by partners will be excluded from participating in this challenge.

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Welcome to hitbox!

Streaming has become an essential component to the global gaming and eSports scene. As tournaments grew out of tiny events, organized by small groups of like-minded individuals to massive gatherings, covered by countless media outlets and watched by the world, professional streaming has become something that is not only nice to have, but a necessity.

With an industry growing this fast, it´s easy to lose focus of what is most important: You.
Be it viewer, streamer, partner, tournament organizer or any other member of this great community.

This is where hitbox comes in.
A streaming platform created by members of this community, for this community.

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